Hawkins: Wall Street now has two candidates in its pocket

The Legislative Gazette published an article with New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins‘ view of Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo and Republican candidate Rick Lazio:

Hawkins says both Andrew Cuomo and Rick Lazio, the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor, respectively, both represent Wall Street and not the average worker in New York.

While he agrees with Cuomo on the need to stop gerrymandering of district lines as well as instill stronger ethics laws and independent oversight of lawmakers, Hawkins said there needs to be more fundamental changes, including the elimination of member items and the utilization of a proportional representation election system.

“Cuomo’s fiscal cuts and corporate welfare proposals will reinforce a vicious circle of debt and depression. Reduced public spending when private sector business and household demand is depressed will further depress the economy, reduce tax revenues and lead to more public spending cuts to balance the budget,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins said that Republican nominee Rick Lazio represents Wall Street as well and that his recent nomination to run gives financiers and corporate leaders two candidates.

“Boss Tweed always felt that the voters should select the winner — as long as he got to select the candidates. Mr. Lazio has made millions in fees from Wall Street since his last statewide race,” Hawkins said.

Read the full article at the Legislative Gazette.

Dave Schwab

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