Oregon Pacific Green Party nominates 8 candidates

From the Pacific Green Party of Oregon:

At last weekend’s convention in Eugene, the Pacific Green Party of Oregon nominated a number of candidates for office by consensus.

Tim Dehne of Corvallis was nominated for the Benton County Commission seat currently held by Linda Modrell. Mr. Dehne has served on the Soil and Water Conservation District board.

Alex Polikoff of Corvallis, 2008 candidate for congress in the 5th district, was nominated for the Oregon House, District 15.

Also nominated for seats in the state House of Representatives were former PGP state co-ordinating committee member Kathleen Bushman of Milwaukee (41st District) and Chris Extine of Portland, who is mounting his second campaign in District 42.

Congressional candidates nominated were Mike Beilstein of Corvallis, running for the second time in the 4th congressional district, and Chris Lugo, Oregon City, in the 5th district.

Mr. Lugo has twice run for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee.

Walt Brown of Lake Oswego was nominated for State Treasurer. Mr. Brown, a former state senator, was the Pacific Green Party’s candidate for State Attorney General in 2008.

These candidates join congressional candidates Chris Henry (1st CD) and Michael Meo (3rd CD), who were nominated earlier to reprise their campaigns of 2008.

The convention rescinded the nomination of Dr. Rick Staggenborg for the U.S. Senate.

Staggenborg had been nominated at a prior convention in March.

Randy Prince of Eugene and Barbara Ashman of Corvallis were appointed by consensus to fill state co-ordinating committee (SCC) vacancies.

The convention approved the remainder of the SCC, including Tristin Mock of La Grande, Suzia Aufterheide of Ashland, Charles Newlin of Corvallis, Michael Meo of Portland, and Seth Woolley of Portland.

Dave Schwab

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  1. “The convention rescinded the nomination of Dr. Rick Staggenborg for the U.S. Senate.”

    What’s the back story on this one?

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