Illinois Green Party candidates grab attention with strong poll showings

Illinois Green Party US Senate candidate LeAlan Jones and gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney have generated considerable buzz after two polls from Public Policy Polling showed Jones at 14% and Whitney with 9%, while their Democratic and Republican opponents hover in the low 30s. Here are some of the notable stories that have come out about LeAlan Jones and Rich Whitney this week:

The Huffington Post: LeAlan Jones, Illinois Green Party Senate Candidate, Sees Spike in Poll Numbers Following Mark Kirk Scandal

ABC Chicago: More candidates enter Ill. Senate race

NBC Chicago: From “Ghetto Life 101″ to Senator? An Interview With LeAlan Jones

Washington Post: The Illinois Green Party: Blago’s final revenge

WSIU NPR: Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Says New Poll Shows Growing Support

Ellen’s IL 10th CD blog: Bill Hillsman is coming to Illinois politics to help Rich Whitney, Green Party Candidate for Governor

Firedoglake: Support for third parties – mostly the Greens – continues to grow around the country

To continue building upward momentum, LeAlan Jones and Rich Whitney need contributions of time and money from Greens in Illinois and around the country. Here is an email Whitney sent to supporters this week with the subject line “Making History: Breaking the Two-Party Monopoly”:

Dear friends,

We have a chance to finally break up the two-party monopoly in Illinois and bring about real social progress. But I need your help to make it happen.

The Illinois Green Party does not accept corporate campaign contributions as a matter of principle, and neither do I. We cannot solve the problem of corporate domination in politics by participating in the same practices that cause it.

We need to reply on the support of people like you to provide the financial resources needed to get our message to voters.

If you have not yet given (and many of you have, for which I am deeply thankful), we ask that you please give as generously as you are able.

We are on the verge of making history. But history is something that we must make together. Please help me win this election – so that I, in turn, can do the work of bringing good, responsive and clean government to Illinois.

With appreciation,

Dave Schwab


  1. Green Party of Pennsylvannia press release..

    Press Release: The Green Party of Pennsylvania calls for an end to drilling for natural gas and other fossil fuels
    June 20th, 2010 · No Comments
    Press release:

    After a blowback spewed gas and toxic water in Clearfield, PA, plus serious incidents including deaths of oil and gas employees in West Virginia and Texas, nearly two months of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and years of mountain top removal, the Green Party of Pennsylvania says “enough already.”


  2. The Green Party of Columbia has grown by leaps and bounds during this year’s presidential election.

    For the first time every the Green Party candidate advanced to the final round of voting.

    Over 30 million Colombians are expected to approach the polling booths to decide who’s to succeed Alvaro Uribe as the nation’s president, in a face-off between ruling party candidate Juan Manuel Santos and Green Party’s Antanas Mockus.

    All voting areas will be guarded by heavy security, in an operation that includes more than 350 thousand people, all of them either military or police personnel, in an effort to decrease the chances of a terrorist attack that might affect the voters turnout.

    A Santos victory is almost a done deal, since even though he was already close to winning three weeks ago during the first voting round by amassing a 46.5 percent of the votes he has lately gained the support of the Cambio Radical party (which came third after the elections), the conservatives and certain sectors from the Liberal Party.

    Mockus, however, refused to make a deal with the Alternative Democratic Pole and said he would look for a “citizen’s Alliance” that would be “larger than the party structures.”


  3. The Berkshire Eagle is reporting on Jill Stein’s great Green Party campaign for Governor in Mass…

    GREAT BARRINGTON — It was a small visit but big issues were discussed when gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein stopped by the Nutrition Center here.

    Stein, the Green-Rainbow Party nominee, met with the group behind the Nutrition Center and discussed everything from health care to food security to energy and how this little nonprofit tucked away in Great Barrington could go a long way to solving many of the problems.

    “This is the future of Massachusetts; that farm economy that is a win-win for jobs, health and food security,” said Stein, discussing the multifold mission of the Nutrition Center, which provides health counseling, access to community gardening and education in classrooms throughout the Berkshires. Its farmers market accepts food stamps and its counseling is covered partly by insurance.

    “I’m interested in it as a model for the rest of the state,” Stein said.

    She was also there to hear from Peter Stanton, the director of the center. He told her about the difficulties he has procuring grants and state aid, because his is a bit player in the grand scheme of it all.


  4. Bloomberg news reporting on Green Party

    Green Party in Germany’s largest state prepares to take form new governing coalition.

    In elections one month ago the Green Party received it’s largest per cent of votes ever..12.1%.

    Germany’s Social Democrats plan to topple the state government of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in the country’s largest state by forming a minority coalition, ending weeks of deadlocked negotiations.

    The SPD in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia will form an alliance with the state’s Green Party that will be one vote shy of a majority, Hannelore Kraft, the party’s state leader, said today. The move would end the five-year state premiership of Merkel’s CDU ally, Juergen Ruettgers.


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