Illinois Green Party spike in news coverage continues

The Illinois Green Party has been getting a lot of attention after recent polls showed Green gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney at 9% and US Senate candidate LeAlan Jones at 14%. Here are some of the stories featuring Illinois Greens in the past week:

Talking Points Memo: Green Party IL-SEN Candidate: I Could Win This Thing

NBC Chicago: Why the Green Party’s Even More Annoying (and Effective) This Year

The Southern: Whitney: Debates Should Be Inclusive

Firedoglake: With 4 major candidates in the US Senate and Governor races in Illinois, is a Green victory within reach?

LeAlan Jones’ campaign has a new facebook page, Friends of LeAlan M. Jones.

Below are emails sent to supporters by LeAlan Jones and Rich Whitney on 6/24 in which the candidates react to their growing momentum:

Happy Thursday!

This week has been historic for the Green Party and progressive politics.

In case you hadn’t heard, the latest poll puts LeAlan Jones at 14% in the US Senate race. Supporters like you are speaking loud and proud!

That poll started the momentum and this week, LeAlan was featured on NPRhuffingtonpost.comChicago Tonight and ABC 7 News Chicago.

Now it’s your turn to keep the momentum going. Help us build a sustainable economy with good jobs that pay more than $8.75 an hour; clean up the Gulf Coast with a new Civilian Conservation Corps of one million young people; and protect everyone with Single Payer healthcare.

The time is NOW!

Please consider making a donation today of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or more to help us continue this amazing momentum!

This coming Wednesday is our quarterly FEC filing deadline. You can supercharge your donation if you give by June 30th – and help us raise more money this summer.

Let’s work together to grow this campaign so every citizen of Illinois has a voice in the U.S. Senate.

iYa es hora!

Karla Estela Rivera
Finance Director
LeAlan Jones for US Senate

Rich was encouraged by last week’s Public Policy Poll which put him at 9% with 27% undecided. He called for open debates with all ballot-qualified candidates in The Southern after Monday’s filing deadline by other potential candidates.

Rich had a letter published in the Daily Chronicle, as did Dan Linn. It’s quick and easy — join our Letter to the Editor and Rapid Response Team (LTTERR). Email Jay to find out more.

There are 10 weeks between now and September 1st. We are looking for supporters to take the 10 Week Challenge:

  • Volunteer 10 hours in 10 weeks
  • Register 10 new voters in 10 weeks
  • Sign up 100 new Whitney supporters in 10 weeks
  • Raise $100 dollars in 10 weeks

The names of the volunteers who meet their goals (or come really, really close) will be listed on the website. Please email Lynne if you want to join the challenge!

Thank you for reading our weekly email newsletter. Please also join our Facebook Group (and invite your friends) and sign up to volunteer. Our phonebanking operation is set to start in July and Drayton is looking for people willing to make calls.

Chicago Pride Parade
Join Rich and other greens this Sunday, June 27th at 2601 N Halsted as we march in solidarity. Full details here.

We have t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and bike stickers available for sale at our Chicago office.

T-shirts are $10. Available in S, M, L, XL or XXL. Discounted price  available for bulk orders. S&H is approximately $2.50 per shirt.

We are not able to mail individual buttons, bike and bumper stickers at this time but can send bulk orders of ten or more (starting at $.50 each plus s&h). Please contact us with the quantities you are interested in.


The Rich Whitney for Governor
Campaign Team

PS – Our office in Carbondale will be opening next week. Please help us pay our rent on both our offices by
contributing today!

Dave Schwab

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