Dave Schwab


  1. Great to see David Cobb. Keep at it David. The Green Party needs you out front leading the charge.

    Thanks for this post, and thanks for all the work David Cobb has done for the Green Party, and continues to do.

    Thank you, Sir.

  2. David Cobb, Sanda Everette, Brent McMillian on speaker panel with Tim Carpenter and others of Progressive Democrats of America.

    In the room next door was members of the GP Black Caucus.

    Boy were they mad when they heard about this event. I know because I was there and talked to them. Karen Shelley of the Michigan GP, with whom myself and others stayed, commented that she felt vindicated when she kept on mentioning the National GP and the Dems working closely together.

    We had a grand time in Detroit. Nonne of you folks showed up at our forum on working together to create an actual opposition to the rotten, corrupt, pro-war two party system.

    C’est la vie.

    Carry on. Building and organizing an actual unafraid opposition to the two party system.

    Like we really mean it. Oh and as an aside, I just got the endorsement of Cindy Sheehan in my run for CCongress in Minnesota. Against a “progressive” Democrat.
    So what happenns in this next election when the GP probably looses a number of ballot lines all over the country?

    You can’t blame us. We are gone.

    Building a real alternative. Oh and nice story about former Greens creating a new party New Vision in Ireland.

    It is spreading folks..

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