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LeAlan Jones on Fox News Chicago (must see)

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Amazing interview with Illinois Green Party candidate for US Senate LeAlan Jones on Fox News Chicago.

Ralph Nader to appear in Buffalo with Howie Hawkins 8/3

Posted in State Wide Elections on July 30th, 2010 by Dave Schwab – 3 Comments

Ralph Nader will appear in Buffalo on Tuesday 3 August at the Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center along with New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins. A local Buffalo paper interviewed Nader about Howie Hawkins and issues facing New York in anticipation of the event. Details from the Ralph Nader with special guest Howie Hawkins event on facebook:

Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and former presidential candidate
Howie Hawkins, Green Party of New York State, candidate for Governor
Mike Kuzma, candidate for New York State Senate, 58th District

To discuss, “Ways to Mobilize the People for Long Overdue Changes, No More of Our Money for War and Wall Street” read more »

Arkansas Green Party candidates in the news

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After the Arkansas Green Party nominating convention on July 24th, Arkansas Green candidates have been appearing regularly in the news. Here are a few recent articles:

Arkansas News: Green Party candidate launches campaign for state treasurer

The Log Cabin Democrat: Conway man chosen to represent Green Party on November Ballot

KHBS-TV: Lincoln, Boozman face new candidate

Live webcast of Illinois Green Party convention – July 30-Aug 1

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Spread the word… the Illinois Green Party convention is going to stream live around the world this weekend!

We’re having our annual convention at Chicago’s Loyola University.. The live webcast will feature platform discussions, forums on Move to Amend, Single-Payer Health Care and the Re-localization Movement, and speeches by many of our candidates.

The highlight of the weekend will be a pair of keynote speeches by Rich Whitney, candidate for Governor who is currently polling at 9%, and LeAlan Jones, candidate for US Senate who is polling at 14%.

The live webcast will be available on Live webcast schedule is below. Highlights will be played in between the live events. read more »

Durango paper interviews Bob Kinsey, CO Green for US Senate

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The Durango Herald has an interview with Colorado Green Party US Senate candidate Bob Kinsey:

A veteran, an ordained minister, a peace activist and a retired school teacher, Denver resident Bob Kinsey isn’t a typical politician.

He’s never been elected to office, but that didn’t stop him from making a third-party bid for the U.S. Senate with the Green Party.

Kinsey said he is sick of politicians who sacrifice their values in the name of party unity and winning elections, a problem he sees as endemic across both major political parties.

Kinsey would like to see that change. He wants more people to vote with their consciences, not their parties.

“One-third of the state is independent or they say they are. … Then why don’t you get with a party that you think represents your values?” he said Sunday.

Read the full article at the Durango Herald.

Green Party: Is it “Mission Accomplished” for the Democratic Majority?

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From the Green Party of the United States:

The heavy lifting is over, said Vice President Joe Biden last week, and it is now time for the Democratic Congressional majority to show off their accomplishments in time for this year’s fall election.

We take a slightly more critical view of the Democratic Party’s accomplishments so far this year, and we think it’s time for the Green Party to show off our candidates, their knowledge, and their experience.  We will put our agenda up against the Democrats any day.

Can you support our mission by making a contribution today?

Last week Congress passed the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, designed to increase oversight of the financial industry.

Is this real reform, or as TIME Magazine wrote in a recent cover story, some of the best laws money can buy? read more »

Greens in NY, CT need your help gathering signatures

Posted in Ballot Access on July 28th, 2010 by Dave Schwab – 3 Comments

In New York, the ongoing petition drive to put a Green slate of candidates for Governor, Lt. Gov., Comptroller, and US Senate on the ballot is about to ratchet up for the “Weekend of 5000 signatures”:

With about three weeks left before filing our 2010 ballot petition, we need your help to get the signatures needed to deter a challenge from those who would deprive New York voters of real choices. So we’re calling for a statewide push to collect 5000 signatures this weekend. If 50 Greens gather 100 signatures each then we can make that goal — will you be one of those Greens?

The New York Greens’ petition drive is crucial because the NYGP can regain ballot status for the next four years only by getting at least 50,000 votes for Howie Hawkins for Governor in November. Regaining ballot access in the third most-populous state would be a big victory for Greens, in New York and nationwide. The New York Green Party is running a rock-solid slate of candidates this year, including Howie Hawkins and Gloria Mattera for Governor and Lt. Gov., Colia Clark and Cecile Lawrence for US Senate, and Julia Willebrand for Comptroller.

Meanwhile, the Connecticut Greens also need some extra hands on deck:

We need two hours of your time! Rae Johnson is very close on the petition drive but we need more signatures as a buffer. It is critical that we get one hundred more signatures by next tuesday! call Rae at 860-613-0501 if you can spare just a little time this weekend!

Dave Olszta also needs your help in Milford. In the middle of his petitioning as a Green for a state rep seat in the Devon section of Milford (Jim Amann’s old district), his mother died. He would appreciate any help anyone can give him in the next few days. His email address is: daveolszta [at] earthlink [dot] net; and his phone number is: 203-407-9124.

If you know of other places where Greens need help gathering signatures to get on the ballot (or raising money to get on the ballot, as with Jesse Johnson in WV last week) please let us know in the comments.

In Chicago, a Green out-fundraises the Machine

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From Illinois Green Party candidate for State House District 39 Jeremy Karpen:

Jeremy Karpen Runs Grassroots Campaign While Incumbent Berrios Idles

CHICAGO – Jeremy Karpen’s campaign committee announced Tuesday that he
had raised more money in the first half of 2010 than his opponent, the
Democratic incumbent Maria ‘Toni’ Berrios.

In campaign disclosures filed last week, Green challenger Karpen’s
campaign reported more than $9,000 in total receipts, with over $5,400
in individual contributions. In this same period, Democratic
incumbent Berrios raised under $6,300, with $3,500 in individual
contributions. read more »

Seattle Times covers Roy Olson, WA Green for Congress

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The Seattle Times reports on Washington Green Party candidate for US House of Representatives (WA-9) Roy Olson:

Olson, the Green Party candidate, works as an actuary in the state Insurance Commissioner’s Office.

“I’m at a stage in my career when I’m approaching retirement,” said Olson, 64. “So I approached the Greens to see if they were running someone. They weren’t so I didn’t see any reason not to run myself.”

Olson said he was disappointed the health-care bill didn’t contain a single-payer provision. He said he wants to tax job exports so companies don’t profit by sending jobs overseas, and supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Olson opposes war spending but doesn’t consider himself a pacifist.

Read the full article at the Seattle Times.

LeAlan Jones party-fundraiser in Chicago August 1

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Illinois Green Party US Senate candidate LeAlan Jones will host a party and fundraiser at the Shrine in Chicago on Sunday 1 August. Jones will give a keynote address during the event. Details on facebook.

Cynthia McKinney: Bike4Peace update, Malik Rahim needs hosts

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From Cynthia McKinney, July 27, 2010 on the Bike4Peace ride across the US (….

Bike 4 Peace is still in need of hosts for potlucks and warm showers, and also sag vehicles by state because I’m the one who’s sagging behind the rest of the bikers–yesterday, by one hour and a half!!!  We’re available for radio interviews–especially me–because I’m definitely a better talker!!!

Malik Rahim, who is riding up solo from New Orleans to meet up with us on September 22 in Washington, DC needs hosts on the route outlined below.  He is especially interested right now in Mississippi and Alabama hosts.  Malik can be contacted at 504-252-3743.

Here’s my update by day.  Very brief updates will come as telephone and internet allow: read more »

Green Party Director McMillan Stepping Down

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Brent McMillan, Executive Director of the Green Party of the United States, has announced that he will be stepping down from his position after this year. McMillan has been in the role of first Political Director then Executive Director of GPUS since 2004. “I have come to believe that it is time for me to move on,” said McMillan in a message forwarded to the Green Party National Committee.

McMillan, 52, left the Republican party and joined the Delaware County (Indiana) Greens in 1991 and was Secretary for the first state wide meeting of Indiana Greens in 1992. In 1996 he helped start the Green Party of Seattle, and in 2000 he co-founded the Green Party of Washington State. He was the first co-chair of the GP of Washington State, he was a Delegate to the National Committee, a candidate for local office, a Treasurer of a local chapter, and an active Green Party organizer in Washington state politics.

McMillan has served as the Political Director (later Executive Director) of GPUS since 2004, working out of the office in Washington DC where he has worked to maintain stability and organization through years of internal political conflicts, small and large, within the Green Party’s Steering Committee and National Committee.

McMillan has stated that he intends to leave DC and return to his farm in Indiana, but he also hinted that he is far from finished with politics.

On a personal note, I have found Brent McMillan to be professional, knowledgeable, organized, and a savvy political organizer. His presence will be missed.

(video from polidoc documentary “seriously green”)

Citing Wikileaks files, Greens urge Congress to pass Kucinich-Paul bill for withdrawal of US troops from Pakistan

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WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders and candidates are urging Congress to pass House Resolution 301 to remove US forces from Pakistan.  The privileged resolution was introduced by Reps. Dennis Kucinich (D-Oh.) and Ron Paul (R-Tex.), who said that President Obama’s plans for an increase of US troops in Pakistan violate the 1973 War Powers Authorization (

The Green Party supports an end to the US war on Afghanistan, which the Obama Administration has escalated by deploying more troops and ordering air attacks across the border in Pakistan.  The party opposes the current war escalation supplemental bill and all proposals to increase war funding. read more »

Oregon Pacific Green Party nominating convention July 31

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The Oregon Pacific Green Party will hold its final nominating convention of 2010 on Saturday 31 July at the Metanoia Peace House in Portland, where the party will nominate candidates for elected office, including US Senate. Details can be found on facebook.

Oklahoma Green Party endorses Dr. Edward Shadid for OK State House

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The Green Party of Oklahoma has voted to endorse Dr. Edward Shadid for Oklahoma State House District 85. Because Oklahoma has the most restrictive and discriminatory ballot access laws in the nation, Shadid is running as an independent with Green support. From OKGP:

On July 25, 2010, following the GPOK’s 9th Annual State Convention, the Cooperative Council of the GPOK met. After extensive discussion, the party agreed to offer to endorse Dr. Shadid’s independent campaign for State House District #85.

In making its endorsement, the party asked that the campaign make a special focus on discussing Green values (particularly the 4 pillars of the Green Movement: ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy and non-violence), have a strong local focus, and make a special effort to reach out to marginalized and new voters.

For more information on the campaign, please visit