Arlington Green Party contender puts transport, environment at top of agenda

The Sun Gazette has a feature on Arlington Green Party candidate for County Board Kevin Chisholm:

Transportation and energy efficiency will be two hallmarks of the County Board campaign of Green Party candidate Kevin Chisholm, a 29-year county resident but political newcomer who was nominated by the party in May to take on Democratic incumbent Chris Zimmerman.

Declining to criticize Zimmerman directly – in fact, calling him “competent” at the job – Chisholm instead argued that new ideas are needed on the County Board.

“People want to aim a little higher, see Arlington be a more shining example of what can be done,” he said in an interview. On a number of issues, he suggested, the current board (Democrats all) has proved to be “too timid.”

Read the full article at the Sun Gazette.

Dave Schwab


  1. South Carolina Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate Tom Clements gets some TV coverage tonight…LHD 5 news…

    Also reports that another independent, who had been attempting to petition to get on the ballot is shutting down the drive. They had collected 7,000 signatures, but need 10,000.

    This means the U.S. Senate race in South Carolina will have the Green Party candidate Clements, and the two larger parties only.


  2. Live HD 5 news also has full 4:50 min interview with Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Tom Clements at same link…top right hand corner of screen.

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