Oklahoma Green for State Rep gains union support

Dr. Edward Shadid, who is running for Oklahoma State House in District 85 with the support of the Oklahoma Green Party, recently earned the support of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 916 for his campaign. From Shadid’s facebook page:

AFGE Local 916 Last night our membership voted on several endorsements, (some Democrat and some Republican) but I believe they made 916 history last night by endorsing a Green Party candidate for the first time ever. We are excited about Dr. Edward Shadid for State House – 2010 , and look forward to having him as an advocate for Tinker’s working families once he is elected to Oklahoma HD 85.

Dave Schwab


  1. A great victory for the Oklahoma Green Party.

    To have a green in the Oklahoma legislature would mean the opportunity to reduce one of the highest state petition gathering requirements in the nation.

    Appreciate reading this good Green Party news.

    In other Green Party news…

    The Wall Street Journal reports this morning the Green Party of Mexico received 7% of the vote in yesterday’s state elections..


  2. Steve Baker
    Green Party of York County
    covered by York Dispatch.com

    “Of special interest this year is Green Party senate candidate Mel Packer. Mel is a physician’s assistant working in Pittsburgh and is a person of extraordinary character and conviction. He has been a champion for clean elections financing, universal health care, equal opportunity housing, workers’ rights and environmental protection for many decades. For more information see http://www.melpacker.com. ”


  3. Mel Packer, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Penn…

    Check out Mel’s videos…articulate, and passionate Green Party gentleman.

    Superb web site. Watch Mr. Packer call attention to the wanton waste of tax dollars at the pentagon…

    After what happenend to Carl Romenilli, and Ralph up in Penn…Mel is showing enormous courage..

    Mel says in the video he needs 10,000 more signatures in 27 days…Petition gathering deadline is August 2nd.


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