Free and Equal Elections congratulates Green Party of Texas, scolds Democratic Party

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation has issued a statement on the Texas Democratic Party’s attempt to remove Green Party candidates from the ballot. Free and Equal gathered many of the signatures that helped the Texas Green Party qualify its slate of candidates for the ballot.

AUSTIN, Texas – The Green Party of Texas has been facing Democratic Party lawyers and court challenges to their ballot access for the November election and The Texas Supreme Court released a ruling, July 2, 2010, that denied Democratic Party efforts to block statewide Green Party candidates from participating in this election.

Christina Tobin, founder and chair of Free and Equal Elections Foundation, congratulates the Green Party of Texas on their win in the Texas Supreme Court to place their statewide candidates on the ballot.

Covering the battle between the Green Party of Texas and the Democratic Party over ballot access, The Wall Street Journal released three articles: “Texas Democrats See Red Over Green Party’s Ballot Coup,” published June 15; “Texas Green Party Appeals Ballot Decision,” published June 28; and the latest article, “Texas Green Party Gets Favorable Ruling,” published July 2.

“Texas has unfair ballot access laws for independent and alternative parties, like the Green Party of Texas,” Tobin said. “In addition to unfair ballot access laws, the Democratic Party is not acting democratic with this effort to reduce voter choices. The Democratic Party is showing a pattern of anti-democratic behavior in Texas and across this country that all voters should be paying attention to. I know first-hand how Ralph Nader’s candidacies faced attacks from organized Democratic Party efforts paid for by their typical corporate funders. It is a shame that the Texas Democrats are playing the same legal games.”

Free and Equal applauds Ralph Nader’s recent efforts to hold the Federal Election Commission (FEC) accountable for failing to do their jobs. Ralph Nader is suing the FEC in the U.S. District Court of Washington D.C. with Judge Henry H. Kennedy presiding.

“Once again, Ralph Nader is standing up against the powerful – in this case, the corporate-controlled Democratic Party leadership,” said David Cobb, 2004 Green Party presidential nominee. “Although Ralph and I do not agree on all matters, we both agree with the vast majority of Americans that more choices at the ballot box is a good thing.”

Ralph Nader’s 31 page complaint shows that the FEC did not properly investigate the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for their actions towards keeping Ralph Nader off many state ballots in 2004. Nader previously contended that the Democratic National Committee failed to report millions of dollars spent by the DNC in a coordinated effort to block Nader from getting on state ballots. Nader also questioned the DNC using the services of legal corporations without reporting those donations to the Democratic Party, a violation of federal campaign law.

“Ralph Nader’s struggles with the Democratic Party in getting on state ballots should be enlightening to everyone who believes in a free and equal democracy,” Tobin said. “The Democratic Party was not transparent with their efforts to kick Ralph Nader off ballots. The same thing should be feared with the Democratic Party efforts in Texas to remove the Green Party. Voters deserve choices on their ballots, not the legal obstruction and games the Democratic Party has been playing.”


Free & Equal is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, public-policy advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the rights of the politically marginalized and disenfranchised, particularly those of third party and Independent candidates.

Dave Schwab


  1. Chrisina Tobin is fearless.

    Thanks for the reasonable, effective response ….

    …The more controversy – even half truth, half wit, mostly manufactured from the two larger parties – can have several positive results.

    The Green Party is getting more press in Texas, than in a long time. Perhaps ever. It calls attention to the Green Party, the Green Party candidates. Lifting that Green Party banner will not only attract votes. It will attract more people to become Green Party candidates.

    A very good thing.

  2. Free & Equal is simply superb. Christina Tobin rocks, and will have my vote this year for secretary of state :)

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