Laura Wells, CA Green for Governor, on the US Social Forum

California Green Party gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells wrote the following blog with her reaction to the US Social Forum:

I am on a flight back from Detroit where I spent an inspiring five days with lots of young people – and people of all ages – who beautifully reflected the diversity of our country. It was the second U.S. Social Forum, and we were focused on the world we want.

We are building a strong Populist Movement to counteract the “Corporate Movement” aiming to take control of our country.

To get to the world we want, we needed to look at what we’ve got.

  • People across the country are outraged at the Supreme Court’s decision to take all limits off corporate campaign contributions and to label them “free speech” rather than “bribes.”
  • We are appalled at Wall Street bailouts followed by retention bonuses to the very people who should have been fired – if not jailed – for not only picking our pockets through the bailout, but foreclosing our homes, closing down our small businesses, and buying up local banks.
  • We have seen the disdainful lack of concern for the “little people” by executives of BP and their allies as their shoddy wellhead gushed oil and severely damaged both economy and ecology. BP is Beyond Pathetic.

The good news is that people are rising to the challenge. That will be my next blog. I’ve now returned to Oakland. It was great to be in Detroit at the U.S. Social Forum with 14,000 other folks, and now it’s great to be back in California.

Dave Schwab


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