Las Vegas CityLife profiles David Curtis, Nevada Green for Governor

Amy Kingsley of Las Vegas CityLife has published a profile of Nevada Green Party gubernatorial candidate David Curtis:

David Curtis is running as the Green Party’s candidate for governor. He is also, in a way, its candidate for political legitimacy and ballot access. The Greens are the smallest minor party in Nevada, with 4,154 registered members as of June, according to the Secretary of State’s office. More voters registered as “Other,” a catch-all affiliation that captures every fringe ideology from neo-fascism to crypto-anarchism.

The Green Party is so small, it only fielded one official candidate: Curtis. In a television interview on PBS, Curtis wore a light army jacket and a collared shirt. On this day, he looks similarly unassuming, in a bohemian kind of way, with rumpled shirt and satchel. None of his clothes advertise his candidacy, and he’s not even wearing a button for the occasion.

“I’m in this race to win it as much as I can,” Curtis added.

Read the full article at Las Vegas CityLife.

Dave Schwab


  1. Thanks for the post.

    Applaud Mr. Curtis for running.

    He needs to clean up his presentation. People expect us to wear business clothes, suits.

    As most Green Party people learned long ago, such superficial things matter to the average voter.

    If you are not dressed in the traditional serious fashion, you will not be taken seriously.

    No matter what you say.

    Most people won’t listen..

  2. GP Fan, The country slid into a big hole and you want to talk about fashion

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