Two candidates file for MD Green Party nomination for governor

The Baltimore Sun’s Maryland Politics blog reports that 2 candidates have filed to be the Maryland Green Party candidate for governor:

To Maria Allwine supporters, Corrogan Vaughn is nothing more than a Green Party crasher.

Allwine has run four times as a Green candidate, winning 17 percent of the vote in the 2007 Baltimore City Council president race. Vaughn was, until Tuesday, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Each filed paperwork just hours before the deadline to run as the Green Party candidate for governor.

The party has 8,000 Maryland members, mostly in Baltimore City and Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel and Frederick counties, said co-chairman Brian Bittner. It’s up to party leaders to choose whose name will appear on the November ballot. (The September primary election is reserved for Democrats and Republicans.) They’ll do so at a meeting July 18….

Attempts to reach Vaughn — both by telephone and email (his handle is vaughngop1) — were unsuccessful. His web site for the U.S. Senate race includes the motto “It’s about people and principles,” as well as a photograph of him with conservative Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

Bittner, who has been active in the Green Party for five years, says he had never heard Vaughn’s name before seeing it Tuesday listed as a Green candidate for governor. His explanation of how the party will choose its candidate makes it seem clear that Allwine will be the one on the ballot.

Maria Allwine has written a letter to the Baltimore Sun with her take on the matter:

Two Republicans have filed their intent to seek the Green Party nomination for governor and lieutenant governor. One is a conservative who until very recently was running as a Republican for U.S. Senate, and the other is a former Republican candidate for the House of Delegates and Republican Central Committee.

Neither of them has ever been to a Green Party meeting or been active in the Green Party in any manner; which makes sense, since as of a few hours ago, they were both still registered Republicans…

I’ve heard Mr. Vaughn frequently on local talk radio and suffice it to say that what comes out of his mouth is directly opposite to the Green Party values of economic and social justice, grassroots democracy, community-based economics and environmental stewardship. When Mr. Vaughn ran for Senate in 2006 he thought the solution to our energy problems was to take Iraq’s oil, since we had won the war. That’s not even a sane Republican position, much less one the Green Party would take.

Dave Schwab


  1. wow…..

    perhaps Vaugh should run for Congress as Green, or some other position as Green.

    ..new Green Party candidates as a rule should be welcomed…

    Obviously, I am cautious about believing or accepting the attacks leveled here at Vaugh, and the other potential Green Party candidate. We’ve all been the object of questionable, unfounded, untrue attacks on politics. More research is appropriate.

    As we’ve seen in Texas …controversy attracks media attention. It breaks through the normal black out for Green Party candidates. So it can indeed be a blessing ….The more media coverage the Green Party gets, the more it will grow with more candidates..


  2. apologies for typos above…

    Here’s additional research…Looks like some Green Party folks are doing an outstanding job with this…

    Offering to give the new folks a fair hearing…good deal…

    This is a fairly obvious attempt to damage the Green Party and/or confuse the voters.

    The values espoused by the Republican Party and Sean Hannity are almost the antithesis of Green Values. This stunt speaks volumes about the tactics and ethics of some on the right.

    Maria Allwine has long represented the Green Party and it’s values and is obviously the legitimate candidate. However, I am confident that the Green Party will give Mr. Vaughn a hearing, if he choses to ask for one, before deciding on a candidate.

    Greens believe in practicing democracy, not just talking about it. Their selection process in completely open and democratic.

  3. It has nothing at all whatsoever to do with “dirty politics”. Only a naive Green would make such a statement. The guy, Vaughn is obviously a nut. When nuts seek a Green nomination, IGNORE THEM!

    So easily distracted…geez!

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