Billy McKinney, Cynthia McKinney’s father, dead at 83

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Billy McKinney has died of cancer at the age of 83. He supported Cynthia McKinney’s Presidential bid with the Green Party in 2008, attending the nominating convention with her.

McKinney, like his daughter, was a Georgia state legislator. He was a police officer and a community activist. His Wikipedia entry is here.

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  1. A Proclamation adopted by the 2010 Annual Convention of the Georgia Green Party

    And a sneak peak on tomorrow’s press release:

    The state Coordinating Council of the Georgia Green Party last night agreed to inaugurate an annual “Billy and Leola McKinney Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Award”. Party leaders plan to present the first award at the Annual Meeting of the Party, scheduled for an Atlanta venue on July 16th, 2011. The award is intended to recognize community organizers for exceptional work which contributes to the advancement of the Ten Key Values of the Georgia Green Party.

    — Hugh Esco
    Secretary, Georgia Green Party

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