Vice President of Rwandan Democratic Green Party murdered

In an article written by San Francisco Green Ann Garrison, San Francisco Bay View is reporting the murder of Rwandan Democratic Green Party vice-president Andrei Kagwa Rwisereka. Garrison writes that Rwisereka was

found dead, his head almost completely severed from his body, in the wetlands of the Makula River near Butare, Rwanda, on the morning of July 14, 2010.

The Rwandan Greens have tried to find a place in civil and political life in Rwanda, but the government of President Paul Kagame has made that participation almost impossible. Reports from Greens in Rwanda make mention of armed thugs breaking up meetings, police and political figures refusing to allow Greens to register their party and ignoring requests for investigations of violence done to Green leaders and their supporters. Non-violent representatives of other political parties have suffered similarly, and arrests and detentions for long stretches appear to be a tool of repression.

In her piece Garrison quotes Frank Habineza, President of the Rwandan Greens.

“We are calling on the Rwandan government to undertake a complete investigation. We are also asking the international community to intervene into the Rwandan situation.”

The international press in the form of Reporters Without Borders is raising the alarm too.

Yesterday Reporters without Borders (RWB) called on the European Union and other international donors to suspend their assistance to the Rwandan government and to stop providing financial support for the Aug. 9 presidential election following a series of grave press freedom violations, including the assassination of Umuvugizi newspaper journalist Jean Leonard Rugambage, followed by the arrest of the editor-in-chief and a designer and reporter for Umurabyo newspaper. “How much longer will the international community continue to endorse this repressive regime?” they asked.

The Global Greens have issued a statement calling for a full investigation.

The murderers of André Kagwa Rwisereka must be identified and brought to justice.

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  1. This assassination shows clearly that Rwandans are being forced to attend the the elections on the 9 august. According to the News from Butare university students, Mr André Kagwa Rwisereka has been openly advising university students who frequently eat in his restaurant, never to attend or to vote in the so called next elections.

    Following the declaration from the former Rwandan Premier Minister, Mr. Faustin Twagiramungu on BBC, where he called the Rwandan people not to attend the fate election, the majority of Rwandan people are not willing to vote as no opposition member is represented.
    This assassination is highly likely to be political than anything else.

    Mr.Kagame, the Presidend, declared that if required he will kill the fly with the hammer. Hammering has already started and still going on.
    Only God can Protect Rwandans

  2. As a recent visitor to Rwanda,I am extremely shocked and disappointed to hear of this violence presumely related to the upcoming presidential elections. However, despite what our western media says Paul Kagame has to be applauded for the work he has done rebuilding Rwanda since the Gennocide. Education and health have become a priority in the system and much is now being done to ensure there are many bright and successful university graduates for the future. So as bad as it sounds,despite the recent violence I think that the long-term future of Rwanda has to be looked at and Paul Kagame must stay in power despite these killings. He has layed very solid foundations for Rwanda’s future and has consistently tried to eliminate genocide idealogies so it won’t be a major issue in the future. If the world interferesin its issues,I fear Kagame would strengthen his hold on power through even greater force or worse another leader could come to power and whose to say what idealogiesshe might promote. I feel Rwanda has had its best years since Kagame came to control and although he’s not perfect,I feel hes as good as we could have hoped for given the history Rwanda has.

  3. John,

    If a member of your family was among the 6 millions of people killed in Congo for the sake of coltan for western multinationals, you would not truly want Kagame to stay in power.

    A country can’t continue to progress economically, if the citicens of that country don’t have freedom of speech. Foreign investors or local investors can’t even invest in that country.

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