Ben Manski: “With this campaign, we are going to make history”

Ben Manski, the Wisconsin Green Party candidate for State Assembly in the 77th district, sent out the following message on July 17th:

I turn 36 today. I want to celebrate this day by sharing some very good news with you. As of the close of business today, I am officially a candidate for election to the Wisconsin State Assembly.

I am running for an open seat on the progressive west side of Madison, where I grew up and went to school. I cut my teeth on anti-war, environmental, student, and labor activism in this assembly district. I have roots and history going back nearly three decades in this district. I can win this race, and with your help, I will win.

My life has allowed me to meet many wonderful people. And it has taken me unusual places. I’ve found myself in courtrooms, jail cells, and bar association meetings; business conferences and labor conventions; northwoods forests and urban streets. And my life has found me, from time to time, sitting-in at the office of some public official to insist that a vote is taken, a process opened up, or a policy followed . . .

. . . and don’t think that in all that time, it didn’t once cross my mind that it would be nice, for a change, to be on the other side of the desk. It would be fantastic to be in a position to welcome students, unionists, farmers, community leaders, and seniors into their offices to strategize how together we would make social change move faster. Much faster.

With this campaign, we are going to make history. Madison is buzzing about this race. On Sunday, the Wisconsin State Journal featured an article by John Nichols about this campaign. Yesterday, the Isthmus newspaper noted that the election news of the week was my entry into this race.

Volunteers are signing up. Money is coming in. In fact, the very first five, unsolicited contributions that came in were each in the amount of $100. We are taking those first five contributions as a sign, and launching “The Manski 500″ — a race to see how quickly we can collect 500 contributions of $100 or more, each.

Please join the race. Contribute $100, or $50, or $500 (the limit allowed under law) or whatever makes the most sense given your budget — and your desire to see a win:

Contribute to Manski for Wisconsin

You can contribute, volunteer, share policy ideas, and read all about the campaign, and my platform on my new website at www.VoteManski.com

I look forward to hearing from you, and to opening doors for you in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

In Solidarity,

Ben Manski

p.s. – the earlier you contribute, the sooner we can order buttons, campaign literature, yard signs, and open an office so that our many volunteers can do the work necessary to win this fall. Thank you for helping now.

Dave Schwab

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  1. Anonymous on Third Party Short Falls in the US West ………
    Nightmare Nightingale, aka Chelene Ward Nightingale the so called ‘ethics’ candidate: wins her walk in California’s American Independent Party June Primary just to be convicted of fraud. Originally ‘red flagged’ by elections officials she is bounced off of the partisan General Election ticket.

    West Coast Libertarian ChistinaTobin, the ‘unifying’ elections reform crusader is tagged by rumors of not getting along with pentional anti Proposition 14 allies!

    The Democans and the Republicrats must be laughing their Pacadyrms and Donkeys off! —— Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, jcoffey9991911@yahoo.com

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