Green Party Director McMillan Stepping Down

Brent McMillan, Executive Director of the Green Party of the United States, has announced that he will be stepping down from his position after this year. McMillan has been in the role of first Political Director then Executive Director of GPUS since 2004. “I have come to believe that it is time for me to move on,” said McMillan in a message forwarded to the Green Party National Committee.

McMillan, 52, left the Republican party and joined the Delaware County (Indiana) Greens in 1991 and was Secretary for the first state wide meeting of Indiana Greens in 1992. In 1996 he helped start the Green Party of Seattle, and in 2000 he co-founded the Green Party of Washington State. He was the first co-chair of the GP of Washington State, he was a Delegate to the National Committee, a candidate for local office, a Treasurer of a local chapter, and an active Green Party organizer in Washington state politics.

McMillan has served as the Political Director (later Executive Director) of GPUS since 2004, working out of the office in Washington DC where he has worked to maintain stability and organization through years of internal political conflicts, small and large, within the Green Party’s Steering Committee and National Committee.

McMillan has stated that he intends to leave DC and return to his farm in Indiana, but he also hinted that he is far from finished with politics.

On a personal note, I have found Brent McMillan to be professional, knowledgeable, organized, and a savvy political organizer. His presence will be missed.

(video from polidoc documentary “seriously green”)

Ronald Hardy


  1. Brent thank you for years of work and dedication to the Green Party and this nation.

    Like most U.S. Marines I’ve worked with for decades, you have impressed. Discipline, determination, focus. Thank you for being a great Green Party American patriot.

    Wishing you good health, and continued success.

    Perhaps now Brent you’ll have time to once again run as Green Party candidate for office…

    We hope that is the case.

    Out of the skillet, into kettle…

    Bless you Sir, and thank you.

  2. I’ll add my voice to Ron’s. I have found Brent to be professional, bright, well informed and as solid a Green as I could hope for. The national party owes him a debt of gratitude. We’ll be hard pressed to find someone as talented to replace him.

  3. Truly, Brent will be missed. Greens owe him more thanks than we often realize, as a person of enormous capability, intelligence and expertise, who has helped maintain a functioning national presence advice and and offered support for Green candidates. It was a privilege to have worked with him. I hope he will continue the campaign schools – maybe he’ll want to take a break from the farm once in awhile!

  4. Brent has done a great job for the Green Party. As someone who has left the day to day hurly burly of the Green party and still finds a way to help the party move forward, I am sure Brent will do the same, and I look forward to working with him once he is back on the farm.

  5. This just came out a few days ago, I don’t know if there has been any talk about what to do.

  6. Brent,

    We will miss you. Thank you so much for your service. Please continue to keep in touch with us. I hope your future life will be full of life and prosperity.


  7. Brent, I am so sorry to see you go! I was looking forward to working with you on party issues. I wish that we melt sooner Lino. You will bemis but not forgotten for all the time and work you put in for the Green Party. May God always bless you in life.

    Lino Stracuzzi

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