Green Party: Is it “Mission Accomplished” for the Democratic Majority?

From the Green Party of the United States:

The heavy lifting is over, said Vice President Joe Biden last week, and it is now time for the Democratic Congressional majority to show off their accomplishments in time for this year’s fall election.

We take a slightly more critical view of the Democratic Party’s accomplishments so far this year, and we think it’s time for the Green Party to show off our candidates, their knowledge, and their experience.  We will put our agenda up against the Democrats any day.

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Last week Congress passed the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, designed to increase oversight of the financial industry.

Is this real reform, or as TIME Magazine wrote in a recent cover story, some of the best laws money can buy?

TIME reported that nearly 2,000 lobbyists representing the financial industry were monitoring the reconciliation of the House and Senate bills last month.  These are the same lobbyists who arrange campaign contributions for the members of Congress whom they then lobby, who often become lobbyists after they leave Congress with their considerable influence and list of contacts.

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Was this revolving door of influence behind behind last week’s announcement that Senate Democrats are giving up on comprehensive energy legislation?

While the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was still being capped, Senators Reid and Kerry were simultaneously assuring us that President Obama is committed to reducing climate-changing emissions AND that the Senate leaders had decided not to offer a bill to make any significant reductions into law.

Congress has yet to tackle immigration reform, leaving states like Arizona to attempt to remedy a national issue with state laws.  The result is laws like the outrageous Arizona SB 1070, which the Green Party of Arizona says is contributing to an “apartheid state”.

The Green Party called repeatedly for a fair hearing for universal, single-payer health care (Medicare For All) but the Obama administration dis-invited single-payer advocates from the start.  With no public option and mandates for Americans to buy expensive, ineffective private health insurance, the Democrat’s top achievement doesn’t look all that great.

Perhaps Vice President Biden should have suggested a few more weeks on the job.  It doesn’t look like the Democratic majority in Congress has a lot to campaign on.

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Dave Schwab

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