Live webcast of Illinois Green Party convention – July 30-Aug 1

Spread the word… the Illinois Green Party convention is going to stream live around the world this weekend!

We’re having our annual convention at Chicago’s Loyola University.. The live webcast will feature platform discussions, forums on Move to Amend, Single-Payer Health Care and the Re-localization Movement, and speeches by many of our candidates.

The highlight of the weekend will be a pair of keynote speeches by Rich Whitney, candidate for Governor who is currently polling at 9%, and LeAlan Jones, candidate for US Senate who is polling at 14%.

The live webcast will be available on ilgp.org. Live webcast schedule is below. Highlights will be played in between the live events.

4-5p The Green Relocalization Movement – George Oschenfeld
6-7p The Move to Amend: Anti-Corporate Personhood Strategies – Ben Manski

9-10a Privatizing Public Assets – Tom Tresser
10-11a Platform revisions introduction, discussion & vote
11a-12p Candidates on the issues
1-2p Health Care For All in IL – Dr. Diljeet Singh, Co-chair of the IL chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program with an introduction by Dr. Anne Scheetz
2-3p Keynote Speaker – Rich Whitney, ILGP Candidate for Governor
3-5p Candidates on the Issues (go to ilgp.org for a complete schedule)

9:30-10a Memorial Service for Greens
1-2:30p Candidates on the Issues (go to ilgp.org for a complete schedule)
3-4p Keynote Speaker – LeAlan Jones, ILGP Candidate for U.S. Senate

Dave Schwab


  1. There is an even more detailed and impressive schedule at the state Green Party web page.

    Organizing regular state meetings myself…mighty impressive work. Many powerful speakers and moving themes.

    …In other Green Party news…

    Voice of America reporting the Green Party is ready to make major electoral breakthroughs…

    In Australia, where the Green Party has long had terrific Green Party Senators like Bob Brown.

    Wonderful, kind fellow..


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