DC Statehood Green Party Candidates for September Ballot

WASHINGTON, DC — Seven DC Statehood Green Party candidates for public office will participate in the September 14, 2010 primary election in Washington, DC, with contested races for two seats.

The contested primary races are for nonvoting DC Delegate to the US House (Eleanor Holmes Norton’s seat) and At-Large Member of DC Council. A list of all Statehood Green candidates follows below, with contact and web site information for each. The DC Statehood Green Party holds major party status in the District and is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States (http://www.gp.org).

Among the major issues that the candidates are addressing in their campaigns are:

• The demand for democracy and statehood for the District of Columbia

• Saving public properties (schools, libraries, housing, parks, shelters) from privatization

• Solving the District’s environmental crises (congestion, pollution, sprawl, etc.)

• Saving the DC Public School system from plans by Mayor Fenty and Michelle Rhee to close school facilities, fire teachers and other personnel, shut out parents, and impose more charter schools

• The need for a progressive tax plan that relieves working people and requires the wealthy to pay their fair share

• Development and preservation of affordable housing, especially for low income residents; protection of diverse neighborhoods

Candidates for DC Delegate to the US House

Natale “Lino” Nicola Stracuzzi
202-258-1699, natale35@yahoo.com

Rick Tingling-Clemmons
202-388-1111, cell 202-309-1422, Mirico5@aol.com

Candidate for DC ‘Statehood’ Representative
Joyce Robinson Paul
202-462-4908, jarpaul@verizon.net

Candidate for Mayor

Contact: Jude Crannitch, 202-425-5705 cell, jcrannitch@wvsarts.org

Candidate for Council Chair

Ann C. Wilcox
202-441-3265, wilcox_ann@yahoo.com
http://www.annwilcox.org (site under construction)

Candidates for At-Large Member of Council

• Darryl L.C. Moch

202-234-8840, nubianphoenix1@gmail.com
Campaign Manager: Perry Redd, perryredd@ymail.com, 202/704-6599

• David Schwartzman
202-321-5395, dschwartzman@gmail.com
Campaign Manager: Mai Abdul Rahman, spotlightoneducation@yahoo.com, 202-374-6045


DC Statehood Green Party http://www.dcstatehoodgreen.org

Ronald Hardy


  1. Excellent.

    Green Party Watch doing stellar work.

    Thank you for plugging all our hard working Statehood Green Party candidates in the District.

    We think it is a break through year for the Statehood Greens.

    I have been going door to door and received a very positive response. I have focused on areas of the District with the highest unemployment rates, like Ward 8, where I live.

    Many thanks to Green Party Watch.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home [established in 1998] can not cotton to the illogical state hood of the misconceived District of Columbia.

    The lack of vote of DCers in [irony of ironies] presidential elections is not lost upon us. How ever we have never believed that the crumbling, bumbling American Empire needs yet another mini state.

    Geographically, another Delaware, Rhode Island, or even Connecticut is just not appropriate to the 21st Century and North America. Population wise, Long Island [New York State], and various COUNTIES in California, Texas, and or FLorida out do DC in a heart beat.

    State hood for DC makes as much sense as state hood for Guam and or PR: little or none!

    jcoffey9991911@yahoo.com, 619.420.0209

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