Historic Election for The Australian Greens

The Australian Green Party performed very well in Australia’s recent federal election. Adam Bandt won his seat in Melbourne constituency giving the Greens one seat in the lower House of Australia’s parliament. A first for a general election for The Greens and possibly paving the way for more Green seats in the future! The Greens got about 12% of the vote in the Lower house. The Labour Party suffered a huge set back and were pushed back to 72 seats while the center right Liberal/National Coalition gained 73 seats. So it appears that the lone Green along with four Independents will control the balance of power in this hung parliament.

It also looks like The Greens will also hold the balance of power in the Senate (upper house). Expect Labour and the Liberals to negotiate with the Greens in these coming days.

With this win here in Australia and the win in Britain 2010 has proved to be a historic year for the Green movement.

Note on The Greens website:

Congratulations to all Greens campaigners and supporters.

While counting continues, at midnight election day it appears the Australian Greens have recorded a record result in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Congratulations to Adam Bandt in the seat of Melbourne, and to all the successfull Senate candidates.

At this stage it is expected that the Greens will have ten members in the Federal Parliament.

To everyone who worked on the campaign, we thank you for your efforts,

More details as soon as they come to hand.

Sydney Morning Herald:

THE Greens were hoping to secure the balance of power in the Senate last night after a backlash against the major parties pushed up their share of the vote and delivered them a lower house seat.

While the Senate result will not be clear for some days, the Greens chalked up an early lower house victory, claiming the electorate of Melbourne.

With more than a third of the vote counted in Melbourne, the Greens candidate Adam Bandt had 36.5 per cent of first-preference votes, compared to 41.3 per cent for Labor candidate Cath Bowtell.

The Liberal Party was polling 17.8per cent of the vote in Melbourne, meaning its preferences will easily deliver the seat to Mr Bandt, making him the first Green to win a seat in the House of Representatives at a federal election.

Greens strategists were hopeful that the higher national vote for the party would translate into extra Senate seats for the party, giving it the balance of power.

In voting for the House of Representatives, with more than half the nation-wide vote counted, the Greens had 11.5 per cent of the primary vote. That was up from 7.8 per cent in 2007 and was the minor party’s best yet share of the national vote.


I'm a member of the Illinois Green Party.


  1. Congratulations to the Green Party of Australia. First Great Britain, then Australia. Soon it will be our turn.

    Nick Burman
    Green Party of Canada
    Calgary Centre North

  2. In behalf of the coordinating committee of the Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN), I would like to extend our congratulations and continuing solidarity with the Australian Greens. This will surely inspire many greens in the region in our many political work. With the Australians Greens with the balance of power in their congress, we can expect their country to play more lead role in the global climate change talks as well as many pressing regional green issues such as marine conservation, mining, nuclear..

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