Chicago Tribune Endorses Jeremy Karpen


CHICAGO (September 29, 2010) – This morning, the Chicago Tribune endorsed Jeremy Karpen, Green Party candidate for 39th District State Representative. The paper highlighted Karpen’s independence from politics-as-usual in Illinois, and slammed Democratic incumbent Maria “Toni” Berrios as a “loyal soldier protecting entrenched power in Springfield.”

The Tribune endorsement is the latest indicator of the momentum swinging towards Karpen in this highly contested race. Last week, the Huffington Post profiled Karpen, saying he may be able to “pull off one of the most surprising electoral upsets of the season.”

“Obviously, it’s an honor to receive the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune,” said Karpen. “The paper is one of the strongest voices for change in Springfield, and I am pleased they recognized a candidate who will bring public service back to the Illinois General Assembly.”
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Green Change: 7 Green Campaigns to Watch

From GreenChange.org:

Here are seven growing Green campaigns to watch this week. Our Green candidates are the true leaders of the Green movement.  They are working hard for all of us, and need your help.  Please support them by donating and volunteering today. There are only 38 days until Election Day.



Gayle McLaughlin is up for reelection in Richmond, California, America’s largest city with a Green mayor. Her Green approach to development has drawn challenges from two conservative, developer-backed Democrats. McLaughlin’s first-term accomplishments include increasing tax revenue from the city’s Chevron oil refinery while lowering small business fees, hiring more community police officers, and making Richmond a center of the emerging solar industry. McLaughlin’s supporters include local unions, the trans-partisan Richmond Progressive Alliance, and Green For All founder Van Jones, who has said, “For those of us who are champions for a green economy, there is no more important race in the country.” Learn more about Gayle McLaughlin’s campaign for reelection and how you can help.


When Ben Manski declared his candidacy for the Wisconsin Assembly, the Madison Capital Times wrote that the “veteran Green Party activist and nationally recognized advocate for democratic reform, [has] entered the competition in the west side district where he cut his political teeth.” Since then, the former national Green Party co-chair’s campaign has taken off. Manski has won the endorsement of the teachers union, student groups, and 21 local elected officials. Leading Democrats are supporting Manski, in part because his opponent works for the coal and ethanol lobbies. A member of the Dane County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee said, “If Ben were 50% better than Hulsey, then I would support Hulsey because he is the Democratic nominee… but Ben is more than 50% better than Hulsey.” Manski has raised and spent nearly $20,000, and needs another $25,000 to pay for printing, mailing and radio, tv, and print advertising by October 15th. Learn more about Ben Manski’s insurgent campaign and how you can help.


Dan Hamburg is running for Supervisor in the 5th District of Mendocino County, California. He was the first former Member of Congress to become a Green. Hamburg is Executive Director of Voice Of The Environment, and a committed advocate for sustainable, community-based economics. He finished first in the four-way blanket primary in June, and is now in a head-to-head race with a conservative, developer-backed Democrat, Wendy Roberts, who finished second. Hamburg has earned endorsements from SEIU Local 1021, the North Bay Labor Council AFL-CIO, and Jim Mastin, who finished third in the primary, as well as many others. Learn more about Dan Hamburg’s campaign and how you can help.


Howie Hawkins is a union Teamster who has spent decades organizing for peace, the environment, and social justice. Hawkins is the only candidate in the NY governor’s race to support single-payer health care, banning hydrofracking, and taxing Wall Street to invest in Main Street. He has been traveling New York State to build support for his “Green New Deal” proposal to stimulate the economy with green public works jobs. If Hawkins receives 50,000 votes, the New York Green Party will gain a ballot line for the next 4 years, enabling them to run candidates for peace, justice, democracy and ecology at every level of government. Learn more about Howie Hawkins’ campaign and how you can help.


Jeremy Karpen is running for Illinois State Assembly in the 39th District, which covers Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Karpen won 21% of the vote in 2008 against incumbent Toni Berrios, the daughter of gambling lobbyist and Chicago Democratic machine insider Joseph Berrios. This year, Karpen’s grassroots campaign and commitment to clean, progressive politics have earned him endorsements from Independent Voters of Illinois, Chicago Progressive Democrats of America, and the Chicago Tribune. Karpen needs money to get his message to voters and pull off an upset. Learn more about Jeremy Karpen’s campaign and how you can help.


Annie Young is running for Minnesota State Auditor. She is one of the longest-serving elected Greens in the US, currently in her sixth term on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. She is an advocate for using life-cycle cost accounting to make sustainability a key goal of the auditor’s office, which oversees more than $20 billion spent annually by local governments in Minnesota. Among Young’s supporters is renowned environmental and economic justice activist Winona LaDuke. If she earns 5% of the vote, the Minnesota Green Party will regain “major party” status. That means Minnesota Green candidates won’t need to collect petitions signatures to appear on the ballot.  “Major party” status will also help Green candidates meet political debate requirements. Learn more about Annie Young’s campaign and how you can help.


Hugh Giordano is running for Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 194th District, which covers northwest Philadelphia and parts of Montgomery County. A union organizer who advocates for education, jobs, ethics reform and single-payer health care, Giordano is drawing strong support from organized labor and progressives unimpressed with Democrat Pam DeLissio, a CEO and management consultant. He has been endorsed by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 152 as well as Bill Morris, a Democratic union supporter who lost in the May primary. Watch the compelling video endorsement from “Mothers for Hugh.” Learn more about Hugh Giordano’s campaign and how you can help.


Hawkins challenges Cuomo to embrace democracy and agree to open debates

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, challenged Andrew Cuomo to stop hiding from NY voters and agree to debate his opponents for Governor.

“After the primary, Andy Cuomo told the media that he has the same Tea Party agenda as Paladino but he would be more effective than ‘Crazy Carl’ by cutting public spending without offensive remarks. How is it that in one of the most liberal states in the country, the media wants to pretend that only two economic conservatives are running for office, ignoring the rest of the Gubernatorial candidates on the ballot? Cuomo and Paladino are so conservative that Lazio as the Conservative Party nominee didn’t see any point in running,” Hawkins pointed out.

Hawkins also said the Green Party was mobilizing with other grassroots activists for the One Nation Working Together Rally in DC to challenge both the Tea Party Republicans and the Wall Street Democrats on their corporate agenda, starting with the need for a WPA-style job programs for all unemployed Americans. Continue Reading


Deb Shafto, Green for Texas Governor, to debate on Oct. 19

The Austin-American Statesman reports:

Texas voters will get debate among the candidates for governor after all, though it won’t be Bill White vs. Rick Perry.

Libertarian Kathie Glass and Green Party nominee Deb Shafto accepted an invitation Tuesday from the state’s largest newspapers and Austin television station KLRU to participate in an Oct. 19 debate. Continue Reading


Rich Whitney, polling 8% for IL Gov, asks supporters to protest Chicago debate exclusion

Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney was at 8% in a poll of Illinois voters, reports MyFoxChicago:

A survey of 1,000 likely Illinois voters conducted by Pulse Opinion Research shows that 46 percent support Brady, with 36 percent supporting Quinn. Green candidate Rich Whitney gets 8 percent of the vote, and 9 percent are undecided.

Whitney earned over 10% of the vote for governor in 2006, establishing the Green Party as a major party in Illinois. He recently wrote to supporters that his campaign needs more donations to be able to get his message out to likely supporters.

Despite Whitney’s strong showing in 2006 and a Public Policy Polling poll that put him at 11% in August, the Union League Club in Chicago has decided to exclude him from a candidate forum set for Wednesday 29 September. Whitney called on supporters to protest in a facebook note: Continue Reading


Natasha Pettigrew’s mother picks up daughter’s torch as MD Senate candidate

Natalie McGill reports at Gazette.net:

The mother of Natasha Pettigrew, a Green Party Senate candidate who died Sept. 20 after her bike was struck by a sport utility vehicle, will replace her daughter as the party’s nominee.

Kenniss Henry of Cheverly will run in Pettigrew’s place in the Nov. 2 general election, according to the Maryland State Board of Elections website. Continue Reading


Green Party Demands Obama End Police-state Policies

Green Party condemns “lawless” FBI raids of antiwar activists’ homes in Minneapolis and Chicago, demands Obama end police-state policies

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States strongly condemns FBI raids targeting antiwar activists that took place on September 24 in Minneapolis and Chicago. The FBI also attempted to intimidate activists in California, Iowa, and North Carolina.

Green Party leaders called the raids a “police-state” tactic to intimidate those who oppose the Obama Administration’s foreign policies, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan. The activists whose homes were raided had criticized US actions in the Middle East and Colombia.

“We demand that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder order an end to ‘police state’ tactics by the FBI and other security agencies and that the Justice Department investigate the Sept. 24 raids,” said Theresa El-Amin, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. “We demand that grand jury investigations and subpoenas in connection with the raids be canceled immediately. We demand that President Obama restore the rule of law and order all security agencies and police forces to cease spying on citizens without obtaining a warrant. We encourage everyone to protest the FBI’s lawless and outrageous actions as loudly as possible.”

Greens called the raids an indication that suppression of dissent and other serious violations of the US Constitution may be increasing under the Obama Administration. President Obama has maintained the Bush Administration’s warrantless surveillance of US citizens and now seeks legislation that would allow law enforcement and national security agencies to eavesdrop on Internet and e-mail communications (Associated Press, Sept. 27,). The President has also tried to justify allow secret assassinations of US citizens suspected of treason without due process or charges of any kind (see “Obama argues his assassination program is a ‘state secret'” by Glenn Greenwald.)

Green Party members have participated in protests against the FBI raids across the US, including several on Monday, September 27. Green leaders noted that the Green Party itself has been subject to surveillance and infiltration.

Party leaders also noted that the raid took place conspicuously in advance of the One Nation Working Together march and rally planned for Washington, DC and other cities on Saturday, October 2 for jobs, justice, education, and peace. Greens plan to participate in a Peace Table at the rally.


California Green US Senate candidate backs amnesty for undocumented immigrant workers

From California Green Party US Senate candidate Duane Roberts:

ANAHEIM, Calif – Duane Roberts, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, backs “immediate amnesty” for “millions of undocumented workers” living within the United States. Roberts points out that “so-called ‘illegal immigration’” is caused by “uneven capitalist development between nations” and that politicians don’t address this problem:

“As a longtime defender of immigrant rights, I strongly back the idea of granting immediate amnesty for the millions of undocumented workers currently living within the United States. An overwhelming majority of them work incredibly hard, are law abiding, and make invaluable contributions to the wealth of this country. Continue Reading


Tennessee’s Oppressive Ballot Access Law Struck Down


On September 20, U.S. District Court Judge William J. Haynes, struck down Tennessee’s laws on how a previously unrecognized political party can get on the ballot. The case was filed by the Libertarian, Constitution and Green Parties of Tennessee on January 23, 2008. The decision states that the high number of signatures required for party ballot access taken together with the wording on the petition saying the signers are members of the party, along with an early filing deadline for the petition, are all unconstitutional. The judgment stated that it violates the plaintiffs’ right to vote and to associate as a political party, as well as Tennessee voters’ right of choice among political parties.

“The Green Party of Tennessee is delighted that the U.S. District Court in Nashville agrees that Tennessee’s ballot access laws are not fair and have effectively kept all other parties off of the ballot,” stated Howard Switzer, Green Party of Tennessee candidate for governor.
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Chicago Progressive Democrats of America endorse Green Jeremy Karpen for State Rep

Hat tip to Ross Levin at Independent Political Report:

You can see Karpen’s page on the PDA website, and the following is from the Karpen campaign:

Calling Jeremy an “advocate for Single Payer health care” and proclaiming that he will be “the progressive voice in the Illinois General Assembly,” the Chicago Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) announced their support of Jeremy’s campaign this week.

“This is fantastic news,” said Jeremy. “The progressive movement in Illinois has been taken for granted by the Democratic Party. I think it takes a lot of courage and principled commitment to the movement for Chicago PDA to look beyond party labels and support a Green.” Continue Reading