Australian Greens support Labor government, win climate change concessions

The Australian Green Party’s recent 12% showing in federal elections put it in a strong balance-of-power bargaining position. Business Green reports that the Australian Greens have agreed to support a Labor-led government in exchange for increased attention to Green issues such as carbon pricing:

…The only party that can declare any kind of election victory is the Greens, who enjoyed a larger swing than in any other country, saw their share of the vote reach 11.7 per cent, obtained their first seat in the lower house, and picked up nine seats in the 76 seat Senate. Taken as a whole, the support for Labor, the Greens and those independents that made it clear they favoured action on climate change means there is a clear electoral mandate for rapid action, regardless of Liberal complaints that Labor does not have a right to govern.

The net result is that the chances of Australia introducing a wide-ranging climate change bill, built around a meaningful price on carbon and a huge increase in renewable energy investment, have increased significantly. Those energy firms and green businesses who last week called for urgent action to tackle carbon emissions may just get what they wished for.

Read the full article at Business Green.

Dave Schwab

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  1. This is great Green Party news.

    Bob Brown the Green Party Senator, and leader, is an intelligent, kind fellow.

    With Jeremy Good, Howie Hawkins, Dave Schwartzman, and others attended a daylong event with Bob Brown years ago. Good fellow.

    …Across the pond spectacular Green Party news today… Sure you’ll be covering this later.

    The Green Party is more popular than every. In Germany the Green Party it 21 per cent today.
    The Green Party is the strongest party in two of the sixteen German states: Berlin, and Baden Wurttenburg. Both states have elections in 2011.

    Renate Kunast is leading with 43 percent. The incumbent Mayor has 37 per support in Berlin.

    Pollsters say the Green Party in Germany could go as high as 48 per cent, as was shown in a recent internal Green Party study.

    Major cities in Baden Wurttenburg already have Green Party mayors, like in Freiburg, where I studied.


    This story about the German Green Party while just published tonight, has last weeks poll numbers. The Green Party in Baden Wurttenburg has climbed even more in the polls.

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