DC Statehood Greens Endorse Israel Boycott

At a monthly membership meeting of the DC Statehood Green Party on Sept 2 the membership unanimously endorsed a BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions for Israel) campaign by human rights activists in Washington, DC.

The Green Party of the United States endorsed a BDS resolution several years ago in protest of the Israeli government’s denial of human rights to Palestinians and the US government’s support (whether Democrats or Republicans control the White House & Congress) for Israel’s illegal occupation, brutal treatment, & displacement of Palestinians, including the settlements and last year’s invasion of Gaza.

Below is some information that was sent to us about the boycott, divestment, sanctions campaign written by Mai Abdul Rahman:

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Non-Violent Campaign
By: Mai Abdul Rahman

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign is a non-violent movement based upon conventional international law principles. It is a campaign opposed to all forms of discrimination, racism and bigotry that utilize peaceful means to influence intractable Israeli policies. This non-violent campaign offers every American the means to bring peace among Palestinians and Israelis, support our peace efforts in the Middle East, and help protect our troops.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) peaceful campaign is subscribed worldwide by governments, nongovernmental organizations, religious leaders, peace advocates and consumers. The Israeli Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign is a global movement supported by diverse religious and secular groups. Its’ objectives are to influence and change Israeli discriminatory practices, its illegal settlement policies, end the Gaza siege and the occupation of Palestinians.

Last month the EU Court of Justice ruled that imports produced or manufactured in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank shouldn’t benefit from a trade agreement between Israel and the European Union. The court’s decision was based on world consensus and established international law as stipulated in the Fourth Geneva Convention that prohibits “Israel” the Occupying Power from deporting or transferring parts of its civilian population into the territory it occupies; and the Hague International court rulings on the “Israeli Separation Wall” and settlement policy, which confirmed “the Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (including East Jerusalem) have been established in breach of international laws.”

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement offers Americans the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to help end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian occupied Territories, Israel’s Gaza siege, illegal settlement policy and discriminatory practices and actions toward the Palestinians, which Vice President Joe Biden, General David Patraeus, and Admiral Mike Mullen say are hurting our interests and world standing.

Americans can help advance peace, support our interests by simply refusing to purchase Israeli consumer products such as: Ahava Dead Sea Cosmetics, which operate in the Israeli settlement of Mitzpe Shalem in the occupied West Bank; Sabra Hummus, owned by an Israeli company that supports the Israeli army brigade Golani Brigade notorious for human rights abuses in Gaza and the West Bank; Agrexco Agricultural Export Company products “Carmel” produced in illegal settlements; Soda-Club, Ltd. products manufactures in the Mishor Adumin settlement; and Motorola, which arms and assists the Israeli military in the construction of the illegal “apartheid wall” in the West Bank. Americans active in their churches and religious organization can help advance peace, support our country by calling their local, regional, and national religious organizations to sanction companies linked to the Israeli occupation by divesting from mutual funds that invest in Caterpillar, Terex, or ITT, General Electric, and United Technologies- All are American companies that benefit from Israeli war crimes and the Israeli occupation.

Participating in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) campaign offers Americans the opportunity to join a world wide peaceful movement to influence Israel to end it discriminatory practices, stop its illegal settlement support, end the occupation of Palestinians and the strangulating Gaza blockade, while advancing our interests in the region and improving our countries’ standing in the world.

Ronald Hardy


  1. I would strongly suggest that everyone purchase Israeli products to strengthen the economy of the only democracy in the Middle East. Israel has never started an offensive war and any victories she might have won have been the result of attempts by her neighbors to annihilate this nation.
    Talk of an apartheid wall are bothdisgraceful and a lie. The only reason a fence or a barrier exists is to prevent suicide bombers from doing their dirty work, as they have done so many times before.
    It is far more logical to boycott the Washington D.C. Greens as they are occupying territory which more properly belongs to native Americans.

  2. Is your wierd BDS against Israel includes all computer componants invanted and developed by Israelis, you cowards?

  3. Greens are seeking a 15-minute fame just like that crazy pastor from Florida who wanted to burn Korans. This is a fringe group of activists that are ignorant of realities on the ground and should be ignored.

  4. I think you see from those posting this was an inflamatory position to take at any time.

    Does this serve the Green Party?

    The nation?

    Does it serve the the nonviolence, nonviolent principles on which the beloved, and admired Petra Kelly founded the Green Party?

    And of course there are the many Green Party candidates, who have worked for months, and the state Green Parties that have worked for years to build good will, and trust.

    And now comes this. In the heat of the election season. Think of the Green Party candidates who have been knocking on thousands of doors for months, as I have done.

    To be kind, and generous. It appears ill advised for what is a state or city Green Party to take an international position.

    What do the people who made this vote at the local Green Party meeting know of the campaigns of Green Party candidates across a diverse nation?

    One of the the things, I’ve most admired about Green Party Watch: the optimistic and brief reporting on Green Party candidates.

    This issue, and I admit it is not something known either first hand, or in study, just doesn’t seem to fit with the normal Green Party Watch reporting.

    I would encourage Green Party Watch to return to the more important mission for this site of promoting news of the hundreds of Green Party candidates offering positive solutions on the ballot.

  5. Thank you Green Party.

    Apartheid South Africa was also the only “democracy” in Africa and it deserved to be boycotted just as apartheid Israel should be.

  6. Carey, I think it’s more in the spirit of the Green Party to take a controversial position out of principle rather than to back down on it because it’s unpopular, as you seem to be suggesting.

  7. Granted.

    Yes. It is indeed.

    God knows, I loved Petra Kelly for it.

    Yet, our Green Party is a young political party. And experience – my own 30 years – as someone respecting and admiring the Green Party principles, and founding fundamentals, has taught caution, calm, respect, and reserve.


    I admired my old beer drinking buddies Joschka Fisher and Dany Cohn-Bendit for their colorful, passionate talent for drawing the moral high ground, and pulling votes to the Green Party.

    Still do.

    I have also been going door to door in Virginia for two decades now. I’ve collected hundreds of thousands of petitions signatures to put Independent Green Party candidates on the ballot.

    A few hundred, in fact. Most chose to be Indy’s on ballot.

    My precinct, where I am a civic association board member, and PTA member, my municipal district Braddock, where I am the elected representative from North Springfield, and my county citizens association where I co-chair (a green party tradition to co chair) both the transportation and budget committees, are centrist to conservative. And this kind of heated issue, this close to the election can hurt campaigns. It distracts, and distorts.

    In the abstract, in theory, if you’ve been on the couch, it’s an easy choice.

    If you’ve spent hundreds of hours in the cold, in the heat, gathering signatures, knocking doors, it becomes more complex.

    Petra Kelly was a saint, a Green Party prophet. She gave her life, love, passion for the nonviolent ideas of the Green Party. Petra Kelly was strong, and certain.

    Petra Kelly is my own political true north. Yet, Petra Kelly, the smart, savy women who created a Green Party on the verge of taking power in two of the sixteen German states, would have also recognized the potential harm in such a sensational move this close to the election.

    Politics, and leadership in politics is about choices. Those choices aren’t always easy.

  8. Why Jews can’t settle in their national and historical land where the Biblical prophets operated and prophesied? Why the Falsetinian Arabs want to clean the land they eager to put their hands on and make it Judenrein area? Why at the same time they insist to have their own Falsetinian state, they have the chutzpa to deny the right of the Jews to have their own national state of the Jewish people and demand that it Israel will be characterized as “a state of all its citizens” and also demand that Israel will receive the 5 million descendants of 1948 refugees?
    The clear answer is that the Arabs in Palestine don’t want peace with the Jews in Palestine but eradicate the Jewish state from the earth and turn all Palestine to Islamic Waqf land and a part of their Dahr el-Islam conquered land!
    Israel is a wall to protect the Dahr el-Harb peoples, which US and Europe is the main target of Islamic expansion and controlling. If you help the Islamic forces to win over Israel you endanger your children and children’s childers!

  9. Who dares to say the ‘settlements are illegal’?
    Late Professor Julius Stone, one of the premier legal theorists, drew upon the writings of Professor Stephen Schwebel, former judge on the Hague’s International Court of Justice (1981-2000), who distinguished between territory acquired in an “aggressive conquest” (such as Japanese conquests during the 1930s and Nazi conquests during World War II) and territory taken in a war of self-defense (for example, Israel’s capture of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967 war). He also distinguished between the taking of territory that is legally held by another nation (such as the Japanese occupation of Chinese territory and the Nazi Germany occupation of France, Holland, Belgium and other European lands) as opposed to the taking of territory illegally held. The latter applies to the West Bank and Gaza, which were not considered the legal territories of any High Contracting Party when Israel won control of them; their occupation in 1948 by Jordan and Egypt was illegal and neither country ever had lawful or recognized sovereignty. The last legal sovereignty over the territories was that of the League of Nations Palestine Mandate which encouraged Jewish settlement of the land.

    Professor Stephen Schwebel, an American jurist and expert on international law, wrote: “Where the prior holder of territory had seized that territory unlawfully, the state which subsequently takes that territory in the lawful exercise of self-defense has, against that prior holder, better title.” (“What Weight to Conquest,” American Journal of International Law, 64 [1970])

  10. I think we have gotten on the hasburah mailing list. These are boring arguments at this point!

  11. The BDS position taken by the DC Statehood Green Party is consistent with the positions of the Green Party of the United States in favor of boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel since 2005.

    The Green Party has condemned all violence targeted at civilians, on all sides. But it’s also important to note that far more Palestinian civilians have been killed than Israeli civilians, and that Palestinian civilians have been killed & maimed with billions of US military aid for Israel, i.e., our taxpayers’ money.

    Iran’s tyrannical theocracy deserves condemnation for its treatment of women, gay people, journalists, & others, but Iran has not invaded any other country and does not receive aid from the US.

    Israel’s 40-plus year occupation of Palestinian lands is in direct violation of international laws to which the US is signatory. The brutal treatment of Palestinians and displacement from their homes — especially for Israeli Jewish settlements — are unacceptable by any standard. The invasion of Gaza and the attacks on ships carrying humanitarian aid are atrocities. Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons is a menace to the region. The Green Party supports a nuke-free Middle East, including Israel & Iran.

    Israel has targeted and arrested Palestinian leaders working for peaceful resolution. One of them is Mazin Qumsiyeh (http://qumsiyeh.org), former Yale genetics professor & member of the Connecticut Green Party, and organizer of the Wheels of Justice tour (http://justicewheels.org), who was arrested in May. The Green Party has repeatedly called for support for Palestinian & Israeli individuals & organizations who are working for a nonviolent negotiation & resolution to the conflict.

    The people on this page who defend Israel’s brutal policies & actions are defending the indefensible.

    The Green Party’s positions, with supporting arguments, can be read here:
    Green Party platform: http://www.gp.org/platform/2004/democracy.html#307394
    Green Party resolution from 2005 on Israel: http://www.gp.org/position/st_2005_11_21.shtml
    Some recent press releases:
    For more press releases, visit the Green Party’s press release page (http://www.gp.org/press.php) and do a search.

    Carey Campbell says “Think of the Green Party candidates who have been knocking on thousands of doors for months, as I have done.” Green candidates have generally supported the party’s positions on Israel & Palestine. Mr. Campbell is not a member of a state Green Party recognized by the Green Party of the United States. In fact, he has been banned from Green Parties in DC & Virginia, for various dishonest & disruptive actions. In 2008 he tried to claim publicly that the Green Party was inviting Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC to run for the Green presidential nomination. (Most of the reporters who called & asked me about this were already aware of Mr. Campbell’s lack of credibility.) I advise Green Party Watch readers to take anything he says with generous heap of caution.

    Scott McLarty
    DC Statehood Green Party
    Media coordinator, Green Party of the United States

  12. COMMENTER ABOVE: “Who dares to say the ‘settlements are illegal’?”

    The UN Security Council has said so and the International Court of Justice in its July 9, 2004, advisory opinion regarding Israel’s WALL in the West Bank has also said so. See ICJ opinion here.

    To its immense shame, the USA no longer says so. Obama cowers before the lobby and refuses to say the one thing that must be said if there is to be the “just and lasting peace” envisaged by UNSC 242, namely, that the settlers (and the wall) must be removed from all territories occupied by Israel in June 1967 — and the siege of Gaza lifted.

    Thanks to the Greens for having the courage to oppose mainstream US opinion and political clout by hitching onto BDS. All Americans should do so.

    PS: To say that all settlers should be removed does not mean forever — it just means for the duration of the occupation. After a peace treaty, the right of Jewish Israelis, including today’s settlers, to live in the West Bank (and for Palestinians in diaspora, including Gaza, to live within Israel) will clearly be governed by the peace treaty.

  13. Any thoughts on the indiscriminate rockets attacks on Israel?
    Any comments about all of the weaponry sent into the West Bank?
    What about all of the crap that passed into the West Bank via the Sinai?

    Is there any criticism about the radical, terrorists in the West Bank who operate with impunity?

    anyone open to objectivity in our discussion?…..

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