Richmond CA’s Green mayor passes resolution calling for new WPA

From Gayle McLaughlin, Green Mayor of Richmond, CA and candidate for reelection:

While we continue to move along the campaign trail, we are also bringing the issues to the City Council that need urgent attention now.  On September 7, the day after Labor Day, the City Council unanimously supported my resolution calling for a new Works Projects Administration (WPA).  See media coverage here:  http://mayorgayle.net/media/10Sep7CCT.htm I brought forward this resolution, because we are in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  With this resolution, we join the NAACP, the AFL-CIO, and more than 200 other groups to insist that our federal government put massive funding into public works jobs, just as was done in the 1930s.  We are doing our part in Richmond in many ways (for ex: by helping fund our schools and providing our youth with new skills through our green jobs training program).  We call on Washington to do its part by shifting its priorities – away from war and into jobs for our residents!

Dave Schwab

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