Senate Candidate Natasha Pettigrew (MD) Critically Injured in Bike-SUV Accident

The Maryland Green Party Hopes for Full Recovery for U.S. Senate Candidate Natasha Pettigrew

Natasha Pettigrew, the Green Party’s candidate for United States Senate in this fall’s General Election, was critically injured Sunday morning when her bicycle was struck by an SUV. Natasha is currently being cared for at Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly.

“We are very concerned and upset about this horrible accident and the serious injuries to a brilliant young woman with a bright future ahead of her,” said Karen Jennings, party Co-Chair.

The Green Party learned of the accident through DC-area news reports late Sunday night. Representatives of the Maryland Green Party have spoken with hospital staff and are awaiting updated news of Pettigrew’s condition.

“We hope that Natasha will be able to make a full recovery,” said Brian Bittner, party Co-Chair. “In addition to her work talking to Maryland voters about her campaign for U.S. Senate, Natasha is also looking forward to completing her degree in law and spending many more years with her family. We are confident the doctors and staff caring for her will provide her the best chance for a full recovery.”

Cards and other items of personal support can be mailed to Natasha Pettigrew, 3540 Crain Highway #475, Bowie, Maryland 20716.

The Maryland Green Party will also accept items of personal support on Natasha’s behalf at Maryland Green Party, c/o P.O. Box 29915, Baltimore, MD 21230.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Thank you for this news. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

    Natasha Pettigrew’s makes it personal.

    33,000 Americans killed every year on highways. 330,000 seriously injured.

    It’s why the Green Party advocates for “More Trains, Less Traffic” to save lives, prevent the suffering of the injured, cut dependence on foreign oil. Make us all safer and more secure.

    You’re in our thoughts Ms Pettigrew, and our campaigns.

  2. She was stupid and self-important enough to go biking on a highway, This isn’t the fault of SUVs or highways or the Free Market as you propagandists are trying to push, this happened as a direct result of her own stupidity.

    This is Darwinism in action.

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