Spisak defends public education, calls OH Gov debates a “sham”

Howard Wilkinson at the Port Clinton News-Herald reports on Ohio Green Party gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak:

Spisak, the Green Party’s candidate for Ohio governor, is president of the Struthers City Board of Education, in a small Mahoning County city near the Pennsylvania border. It is little wonder he is on the campaign trail defending state spending on public education, which takes up about half of the state budget…

Spisak has offered some ideas about budget cutting. He would start, he has said on his campaign blog, with the department of corrections… Under no circumstances, Spisak says, would he cut health and human services or public education…

He also favors a single-payer health care system, with universal coverage, and wants the state to do more to create renewable energy manufacturing jobs…

Spisak has been fuming about the fact he and Libertarian Ken Matesz have been left out of the gubernatorial debates. On his campaign website, www.votespisak.org, he wrote it is a “sham” for them to be left out.

Read the full article at the Port Clinton News-Herald.

Dave Schwab

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