Chicago Progressive Democrats of America endorse Green Jeremy Karpen for State Rep

Hat tip to Ross Levin at Independent Political Report:

You can see Karpen’s page on the PDA website, and the following is from the Karpen campaign:

Calling Jeremy an “advocate for Single Payer health care” and proclaiming that he will be “the progressive voice in the Illinois General Assembly,” the Chicago Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) announced their support of Jeremy’s campaign this week.

“This is fantastic news,” said Jeremy. “The progressive movement in Illinois has been taken for granted by the Democratic Party. I think it takes a lot of courage and principled commitment to the movement for Chicago PDA to look beyond party labels and support a Green.”

“My team and I have been going door-to-door six days a week for 4 months now. So far, we’ve knocked on 4500 doors and met with 1500 voters in the community.”

“This campaign isn’t about connections and big money. It’s about people coming together to break the corruption in Chicago and deadlock in Springfield. Regular people can run for office and win.”

“I hope the support of PDA encourages more progressives to come and lend a hand regardless of political affiliation.”

Dave Schwab


  1. The poll today from Pulse Opinion research gave Whitney his best showing in the last month

    Bill Brady 46%
    Pat Quinn 36%
    Rich Whitney 8%
    Some other candidate 1%
    Not sure 9%

  2. I would say that is one of the missed opporunities that the Green party had in the Illinois governors race this year. Governor Quinn has done very little to close the gap between him and Senator Brady and it seem like at this point at least Governor Quin has only a small chance of winning. If the IL Green would of had more money for the governor’s race maybe they would of been able to get out the message that Quinn can not win and tried to break off the support of progressive Democrats.

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