Green Party Western U.S. House Candidates 2010

There are 58 candidates running for the United States House of Representatives on November 2.

This is the second of three posts on Green Party House candidates, continuing with the Western portion of the United States. There are candidates running in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

William Crum (CD 2) – William Crum is a write-in candidate for U.S. House, second district. He ran for the same seat in 2008 and finished with 3,616 votes (1.1%) in a four way race. He is a father of five and grandfather of 17.
Leonard Clark (CD 3) – Len Clark is running for US House in Arizona’s 3rd District. Find out more about his campaign at his facebook page.
Rebecca Dewitt (CD 4) – Rebecca is an accountant, a mother, and the Secretary of the Arizona Green Party. She ran for the same seat in 2008 and finished with 4,464 votes (3.6%). Find out more about Rebecca Dewitt at her website.

Carol Wolman (CD 1) – Wolman is a psychiatrist on the Mendocino Coast, primarily working with native peoples. She is married with two children. In 2008 she ran for the same seat, finishing with an impressive 24,793 votes (8.54%), one of the best returns of congressional candidates in 2008.
Ben Emery (CD 4) – Ben Emery is a private ranch manager, he lives in Nevada City, CA with his wife and children. This is his first campaign for office.
Dave Heller (CD 9) – Heller ran a write-in campaign for this seat in 2008, finishing with 37 votes. Learn more about his campaign at his website. Also see his candidate statement video at KTVU.
Jeremy Cloward (CD 10) – Cloward is a political science professor, living in Pleasant Hill, CA with his wife and children. He last ran for this same office last year in a special election, finishing with 2,515 votes (1.83%).
Eric Peterson (CD 17) – Peterson is one of four candidates running for US House in the 17th Congressional District.

Gary Swing (CD 1) – Gary Swing is a long time Green Party activist, working on Green Party campaigns since the mid-1990’s. He ran for State Representative in 1996 on the Green Party ticket, finishing with 1,338 votes (8.5%). He is a cultural event promoter in the Denver area, avid mountain climber, vegetarian and 9/11 truth movement supporter.

New Mexico
Alan Woodruff (CD 1) - Woodruff has been a chemical engineer, a management consultant, a financial consultant and a tax lawyer. After retiring from law practice he was a novelist and political junkie. This is his first run for office.

Chris Henry (CD 1) – I had the pleasure of spending time with Chris Henry in Detroit this summer, he is a great guy. He is a union truck driver and green party organizer in Oregon. He last ran in 2008 for this same seat, finishing with 5,252 votes (2%).
Michael Meo (CD 3) – Meo is a math teacher and science historian, teaching at both the high school and university level. He is also a co-chair of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon. He ran for this same office in 2008, finishing with 12,741 votes (4%).
Michael Beilstein (CD 4) – Beilstein is a retired chemist from Oregon State University who also served time in the Peace Corps in the 1970s. He has also served three terms on the Corvalis City Council. He ran for this same seat in 2008, finishing with 8,195 votes (4%).
Chris Lugo (CD 5) – Lugo is a journalist and peace activist who previously ran for office on the Green Party ticket in Tennessee. Lugo has run twice for US Senate in the past, in 2008 he ran in Tennessee finishing with 9,102 votes (0.4%) and in 2006 he ran for Senate finishing with 2,578 votes (0.1%). (By the way, he has one of the most visually appealing websites from Green Party candidates.)

Jim Howe (CD 11) – Howe is an active member of the Permian Basin Central Labor Union and Communication Workers of America. This his first campaign for office.
Ed Scharf (CD 23) – Ed Scharf ran for this seat in 2002, finishing with 805 votes (0.5%). He is the co-owner of a wildlife lodge and broker with Scharf Realty.

Roy Olson (CD 9) – Olson, an actuary in Olympia, is a candidate for U.S. Representative in Washington’s Ninth Congressional District. Because of Washington’s “Top Two” election law, Olson was eliminated from the general election ballot during the primary on Sept. 1, where he finished 4th with 4,159 votes (3.34%).


Rock Hill Herald Endorses Tom Clements (SC-Green)

The Rock Hill Herald has endorsed Tom Clements for US Senate over Jim DeMint.

Clements is the Green Party candidate, but has drawn growing support from Democrats following the collapse of Democratic candidate Alvin Greene.

From the Herald:

In the race for U.S. Senate, we endorse Green Party candidate Tom Clements.

Third-party candidates are playing a central role in a number of high-profile races this year, and in South Carolina’s Senate race, we think Clements deserves the attention of voters.

His appeal is bolstered by issues with the two other candidates running this year. Alvin Greene, as much of the nation is aware, was the surprise winner of the Democratic senatorial primary. His campaign can be dismissed as sadly inadequate.

Incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint is the prohibitive favorite in this race. But while he is popular with many voters, his extreme views go too far for a large segment of South Carolinians.


Illinois Greens Sue Debate Sponsors


Carbondale, IL— The Illinois Green Party and candidates Rich Whitney and LeAlan Jones filed suit in federal court late yesterday against public television station WTTW, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Public Broadcasting Service and President and CEO of WTTW Daniel J. Schmidt. Gubernatorial candidate Whitney and Senatorial candidate Jones were both excluded from debates which occurred on WTTW this week. This happened despite the Illinois Green Party being one of only three legally established political parties in the state. Furthermore, Whitney received over 360,000 votes in the 2006 gubernatorial election.

The complaint alleges that WTTW, PBS and the CPB violated their 501(c)(3) status by conducting debates that had the effect of participating in, or intervening in a political campaign “on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.” These debates plainly had the effect of supporting the Democratic and Republican candidates, who alone were provided with a forum to propagate their views, to the exclusion of the two ballot-qualified Green Party candidates. The suit also charges these three corporate defendants with having violated the Federal Communications Act, including its Equal Time provisions pertaining to political candidates, by sponsoring a debate that gave the Democratic and Republican candidates more time than their Green Party challengers.

In a third count, the plaintiffs charge the three corporate defendants with violating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Act which clearly states that, “The Corporation may not contribute to or otherwise support any political party or candidate for elective public office.” Finally, the complaint alleges that Schmidt violated the First and Fifth Amendment rights of Whitney and Jones by discriminating against them on the basis of their political views.
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Greens Report More Touch Screen Voting Irregularities in Chicago


On the heels of “Whiteygate”, new problems have been reported with touch-screen voting machines in Chicago. This, coupled with a major voting rights issue involving absentee ballots, point to the need for serious electoral reform that won’t happen with Democratic officeholders, say Green Party leaders.

The Illinois Green Party has received two detailed complaints about how touch-screen voting machines used at Early Voting sites “flipped” votes for Green candidates to their Democratic opponents. In both cases, the voter was able to get the situation resolved, but concerns about what others voters who may not have made reports may have experienced has Greens troubled.

“We have been saying for years that there are problems with these touch-screen devices,” said Phil Huckelberry, Chair of the Illinois Green Party. “There is a clear systemic problem with our election system, and every election year something new and unprecedented happens which further erodes voter confidence.”
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Fred Horch Green Independent for Maine’s 66th

Fred Horch is the quintessential Green Party candidate for State Legislature (Dist. 66) in Maine. He is 40 years old, a father of three children, and owner of F.W. Horch Sustainable Goods & Supplies in downtown Brunswick, Maine. He has a strong record of community involvement and a solid Green based platform.

He has made good use of video to support his campaign. Below is his newer, shorter video, below that is a 5 minute introduction to Fred Horch video.

Meet Fred Horch:

There are other videos on his website, check it out.


A Progressive’s Case for a Green Party Strategy

As a progressive, politically active American, I frequently take part in discussions about how to realize progressive ideals in American politics. These discussions, naturally, turn to strategy, and often turn into heated arguments about the merits of voting for Green Party candidates. However, the Green Party strategy discussion usually arises in reaction to another topic; I have rarely seen a discussion that is dedicated to the subject of whether the Green Party offers a viable progressive strategy, though I have seen editorials on progressive sites railing against any strategy that veers from the orthodox progressive Democrat strategy.

As a progressive who has become an advocate for the Green Party as the most viable vehicle for progress, I would like to open serious discussion on this topic among the community of progressives. I ask that you approach this discussion with an open mind and a respect for open debate, and that you read the entire piece before responding. I’ll try to make this comprehensive yet concise. Without further ado:

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Green Party to host Election Night Livestream online; Green candidates to watch on Election Day

From the Green Party of the United States:

Green Party Livestream Page: http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus

• Best Green Political Ads and Campaign Videos (Poli-Tea Blog): http://politeaparty.blogspot.com/2010/10/best-green-party-political-ads-and.html

• Video downloads and campaign news:
Green candidates in debates http://www.gp.org/candidates/debates.php
Greens on the campaign trail http://www.gp.org/elections/campaign-trail/index.php
Labor endorsements for Greens http://www.gp.org/candidates/labor-endorsements.php
More candidate videos: http://www.gp.org/candidates/videos.php

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States will host an online Livestream on Election Night, discussing Green campaigns and reporting election results as they are announced.  The public is invited to participate and join in a live chat during the Livestream.

The Livestream will be hosted by Green Party media coordinator Starlene Rankin in Sacramento, California, and Craig Seeman in New York City.  Ms. Rankin and Mr. Seeman will interview Green candidates, at their Election Night parties, and pass along reports about the campaigns.  The Livestream will begin at 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT.

Below is a list of Green candidates to watch on Election Day, including Greens with a good chance of victory, Greens whose campaigns will help their state Green Parties achieve or maintain ballot status, and other significant races. Continue Reading


Rich Whitney attempts to restore sanity to Illinois politics

From the Illinois Green Party:

Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney has been invited to speak at the Chicago satellite location of the “Rally to Restore Sanity”, this Saturday in Grant Park.  He’ll be speaking for 10 minutes in the 1:00 hour.  Other candidates were
invited (it’s technically a non-partisan rally), but Rich is the only one who will be there, because he’s the only one with sane ideas for Illinois!

Facebook event for Rich’s appearance there:
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Riding the Green Wave: Q&A with Richmond CA Mayor Gayle McLaughlin

New America Media interviews Gayle McLaughlin, Green mayor of Richmond, CA and candidate for re-election:

Earlier this month, unions representing Richmond, Calif., police and firefighters unleashed a series of vicious attacks against Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, a Green Party member who is running for a second term. The attacks focused on her bankruptcy filing shortly before she ran for City Council in 2004 and her admission that she had had psychiatric disabilities (depression) and trouble holding a full-time job. Below, New America Media’s Malcolm Marshall and McLaughlin discuss  those attacks and other pressing issues in a hard-fought race with huge implications for Richmond’s future. Continue Reading


LeAlan Jones: From Ghetto Life 101 to Politics 101

Chicago Reader profiles Illinois Green Party US Senate candidate LeAlan Jones:

LeAlan Jones rushes onto the West Chatham Park practice football field and shoves his right outside linebacker: “Why are you waiting for him to come to you?” he demands, then shows the young man how it’s done, squatting into the stance of a linebacker like a velociraptor ready to spring. Continue Reading