Green and Libertarian NY Gov candidates demand debate inclusion

WNYT News Channel 13 reports from Albany:

ALBANY – Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins and Libertarian designee Warren Redlich want to be included in any gubernatorial debates. Hawkins outlined major planks of his platform while addressing Capitol reporters Thursday.

“Making the rich pull their weight in our society by paying their fair share of taxes like the stock transfer tax. I’m for a single payer health care system. I’m for fully funded schools and for, instead of hydrofracking, using natural gas as the next fuel going to a renewable system that’s carbon-free,” he said.

Redlich says the problem is the people aren’t happy with both the Republican and Democratic parties.

“We were supposed to have hope and change and this and that and the Republican and Democratic parties have failed the people of the United States and the people of New York,” Redlich said.

Hawkins and Redlich, along with former madam Kristen Davis and a couple of other people you’ve probably never heard of, will be on the November ballot for governor. If all of them were invited to debate and accepted, it would mean each candidate gets about seven minutes in a hour long format.

“Andrew Cuomo is totally in bed with the special interests,” said Redlich. “Carl Paladino cuts out the middle man. He’s his own special interest and if you want politics free of special interests, you need to have candidates who aren’t tied to them.”

“We can’t expect to do it in one election,” said Hawkins. “What we’re saying is level the playing field. Make it a fair market without unfair trade practices like excluding us from debates. ”

NewsChannel 13 is among the media organizations trying to set up debates among the candidates for governor. Invitees and format are under discussion. Carl Paladino has indicated a willingness to participate. WNYT Vice President and General Manager Steve Baboulis says the station is still waiting to hear from Andrew Cuomo.

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