Brazil Green Party’s Marina Silva pulls 19% in presidential election

Amazon rainforest defender and Green Party presidential candidate Marina Silva earned over 19% of the vote in Brazil’s first round of presidential elections, reports the Washington Post:

With 99.8 percent of the votes counted late in the evening, Dilma Rousseff, 62, a Marxist guerrilla-turned-economist who served Lula as chief of staff, had nearly 47 percent, to 32.6 percent for Jose Serra, a former governor who is her main challenger. A third candidate, Marina Silva, the Green Party candidate and a former environmental minister in Lula’s government, had 19.3 percent. Polls and political analysts suggest that Rousseff will be Brazil’s next president, but she did not get the more than 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff with Serra on Oct. 31.

Dave Schwab


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