Jill Stein news: Instant runoff voting, people-powered politics, and more

Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein has been in the news recently. The Boston Herald published a profile on Oct. 2nd entitled “Stein says she knows how to help ‘ordinary people'”:

As a physician, Jill Stein says she grew tired of prescribing pills for people who could not afford them, so she left her clinical practice and decided to go into medical research and policy work to help improve the nation’s health care system.

Now, the 60-year-old says she is sick of politicians who promote solutions, such as business tax incentive programs, that only benefit the wealthy. She says the focus of state government on corporate elites — instead of the working class — is what has motivated her to mount her second run for governor of Massachusetts as a Green-Rainbow candidate.

MassLive.com published an article on Oct. 1 entitled “Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow candidate for governor, says Tim Cahill’s departures make the case for instant runoff voting”:

“The truth is there is a voting reform that gets rid of the problem that voting for the candidate you truly support might have unintended consequences – like helping a candidate you don’t like,” Stein said in a statement.

Here is Jill Stein’s latest email to supporters, entitled “Inspirational Students, Debunking Deval, and People-Powered Politics”:

Dear friend,

My heartfelt thanks again for your extraordinary work
powering up the campaign! Last week’s groundswell of support means
we’ve raised more clean money than any prior Green-Rainbow Party
campaign. And it means the ‘media consortium’ must include us in
upcoming debates. Most importantly, this recent flood of grassroots
support and participation represents just the tip of the iceberg of
voter discontent that we are seeing on the campaign trail.

for change was especially clear at Thursday’s South Coast gubernatorial
forum at UMass Dartmouth. When the debate was over, the media swarmed
around the insiders. The students swarmed around the only candidate speaking to their concerns.

science major Sean Connell, wearing the Dartmouth t-shirt in the center
of the photo, coordinated outreach on campus for our campaign. Carrying
$50,000 in education loans plus several thousand more for mandated
health coverage, Sean knows that I’m the only candidate who will
restore funding for public higher education and bring down the
outrageous fee and tuition costs. Higher ed is THE PRIORITY for
economic development, not shopping malls and office parks on which the
governor is squandering $200 million this year.

You’ll find the full scoop on Deval Patrick’s regressive record in our flyer Which One Can We Trust (PDF).
We launched this flyer at the human services and economic development
debates earlier in the week, and people were thankful to see the
head-to-head comparison so clearly! Please pass it on to your friends
who may not have heard yet the truth behind the spin.

Please make a donation today to keep building the momentum for this people-powered campaign. Now’s the ideal time to sign up to volunteer and donate whatever you can afford to supercharge this movement to change the game on November 2nd. Every
vote for our campaign is an irrepressible call to take our government
back and get it working for us. And it sends a clear signal that our
vision and our votes cannot be silenced and sidelined.

The campaign continues to pick up steam, so fasten your safety belts for the ride to November 2nd and beyond!


P.S.  Last week we submitted a total of $131,067 towards public matching funds, nearly doubling our fundraising of the past year in seven days. About $9000 from our submission was disqualified, due to a variety of technical reporting shortfalls, mostly because of the last-minute flood of donations that could not be properly processed and reported.  If you have any questions, please write to us at info@jillstein.org. Our campaign was never a big-money enterprise, so little in the campaign strategy is going to change due to lack of matching funds. The drivers of the campaign are still volunteers, concerned citizens, and ordinary people who want to take their government back.

Join us this Weekend

Please join us this weekend for the following events to help us hand out campaign literature and have fun!

Boston Local Food Festival
– Today, Saturday, October 2nd through 5pm – Fort Point Channel – on
the Congress Street Bridge and outside Boston Children’s Museum up to
the Moakley Bridge at Northern Avenue.  http://bostonlocalfoodfestival.com/

North Quabin Garlic & Arts Festival – Saturday and on Sunday from 10am -5pm – Forsters Farm on 60 Chesthnut Hill Rd in Orange MA. http://www.garlicandarts.org/

If you can join us at any of the events above, contact field director Dante Comparetto at 508-740-4092

Join the call!

join with other volunteers on our weekly conference call Monday night
at 8:30 pm to discuss our grassroots field operation to get out the
vote for Jill. To join, dial the toll free number 218-862-6420, and
when prompted for an access code, enter 7554352 followed by the # sign.

Keep an eye out for events

Stay tuned to our campaign calendar
for upcoming events & ways for you to plug in. If you know of any
events where we should have a presence, or where you plan to create
your own presence, let our new scheduler Theo know at theo@jillstein.org.

Jill in the News

“Gubernatorial candidates debate commuter rail project”

“Candidates lock horns over commuter rail at gubernatorial debate”

“Gubernatorial candidates debate education funding” http://www.gazettenet.com/2010/10/01/gubernatorial-candidates-debate-education-funding

“Taxes dominate debates”

“Governor candidates debate human services” http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/news/x237710946/Governor-candidates-debate-human-services


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