Laura Wells, CA Green for Governor, denied entry to “eco-friendly” debate, plans demonstration

Marnie Glickman of the California Green Party published a note on facebook calling on CA Greens to rally around gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells, who is being denied entry to an Oct. 12th “eco-friendly” debate in San Rafael:

On October 12th, Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown are invited to participate in an “eco-friendly” debate in San Rafael. Laura Wells, Green candidate for Governor of California, has been excluded.

Democracy requires open debates.  Here’s how you can help.

1) View, download and distribute the 10/12 Open Debates Protest with Laura Wells flyer at http://maringreens.org/2010/10/volunteer-share-the-1012-open-debates-protest-flyer/.

2) Pick up your telephone.  Invite a friend or more to join you at the events in Marin on 10/9 and 10/12.

3) Write a letter to the editor supporting open debates and Laura Wells. http://salsa.wiredforchange.com/o/1488/letter/?letter_KEY=688

4) RSVP and invite people to our Facebook page for the 10/9 Open Debates Brunch with Laura Wells in Fairfax. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=152835714744767&ref=ts

5) RSVP and invite people to our Facebook page for the 10/12 Open Debates Protest with Laura Wells in San Rafael.  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116834535041877&ref=mf

6)  Make a donation to the Laura Wells for Governor campaign. www.laurawells.org

7) Check for event updates at our new Marin Greens website. http://www.maringreens.org/

8) Send information about the events to your friends and family by email.

Dave Schwab


  1. Love the illustration…it’s perfect..some dear, and beloved Green Party friends have that 1940’s version at their homes.

    I remember being in Berlin in 2001, and seeing it. Ever popular with Green Party women.

    Thank you. It brings wonderful memories to the present.

  2. Appropriately connected…from Huffington Post…

    Brazil’s Greens Turn Right in Presidential Vote

    Powered by progressive, neoconservative capital and soft power techniques Green Party candidate Marina Silva sent shock waves through Brazil’s male dominated political culture by winning 19 million votes in Sunday’s presidential election. She didn’t make the cut for the runoff presidential vote but she could become a power broker now that the influential Folha is reporting that her party is supporting neoconservative former Sao Paulo governor Jose Serra over president Lula’s former chief-of-staff, Dilma Rousseff.


  3. Look, I’m sorry to have cut and pasted the above with out reading more closely.

    The writer is illogical. The person receiving the most votes was ALSO a Woman.

    “neoconservative” Greens!?!

    That’s nonsense. Neocons are clearly defined in America. They are Bushies. Warmongers. Fiscally irresponsible lackeys to Big Oil.

    That certainly doesn’t exist in Brazil, and thank goodness. Now War. No deficits. Leading in alternative energies. So the Huffington Post writer is using this to bash the Green Party candidate. My wife speaks and reads Portuguese, I’ll ask for a first hand account.

    Apologies for the dumb post.

  4. Hi Carey, I am the person who authored the dumb article you mention. You can find a couple of articles that examine the influence of US based faith based anti abortion groups on the presidential vote in Brazil in the 5 October Wall Street Journal and if you read them carefuly you might conclude they are just as dumb as the opinion piece I authored on HuffPo. Marina Silva, who carpetbagged into the Green Party of Brazil, is against a woman’s right to choose. And the Green Party leadership has recommended that their voters support Jose Serra, of the Brazil Social Democratic Party (PSDB), a misleading name that even misleads the BBC because the party runs a neoconservative economic agenda. Serra spent much of the time during Brazil’s US-backed military junta in exile in of all places, Chile which was run by another US-backed dictator at the time, name of Pinochet. And it was there and at Princeton’s Center for Advanced Studies that Serra honed his neoconservative economic skills.

    The Greens in Brazil operate with a different set of values than Greens in the US. And a similar situation exists in Europe, where former Paris 1968 revolutionary, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, is leading them toward supporting fewer social benefits, an objective of the copycat American-style neoconservatives in Europe. It is helpful to view Green from the cultural perspective of the nation the franchise is operating in.

  5. This discussion would make a lot more sense on the post about Brazil, but what can you do. Eric, my disagreement with your article, aside from the rampant use of general labels like ‘neoconservative’ without details on the candidates’ positions aside from abortion, is that you paid zero attention to the fact that Marina Silva’s core issue – and the one that motivated her core supporters – was and is sustainability.

    It’s valid to raise the abortion issue, and to point out that Silva got a boost because of it. However, to claim that a world-renowned defender of the Amazon rainforest is suddenly interested only in maintaining abortion restrictions, and is going to sacrifice the key issue of her campaign and her party to achieve it, is simply not credible, unless you have a lot more evidence to back it up.

  6. Thanks for responding, Dave. My work tends to use the classic tools of the polemicist-essayist to draw attention to an issue or theme. I write columns that are opinion, not classic US-style journalism, which at one time was anchored in the substance of “the public trust” but now is hanging by a frayed thread to the essence of same.

    You can go out and gather information and be your own citizen-journalist without me because I regard the online and traditional media as a zero-sum game regarding whoever says it hardest and loudest wins. Things like “neutrality” and “balance” don’t win. Marina didn’t win anything. Her backers aren’t much different in terms of “follow the money” than those who drove the Walter Schorenstein wing of the old California Democratic party,or Henry Salvatori’s Reagan-friendly Republicans who influenced Clark Kerr to re-engineer academics in the wake of Vietnam and the “cultural revolution.” Some people call neo-conservative “neo-liberal” so that’s another red herring to sort out.

    Brazil is not the only Rain Forest. Indonesia has rain forest equal to the size of Brazil. But it is not in Uncle Sam’s backyard, so there is less focus. And as one who resides in Brazil, a variety of factors cause me to say that the “ecology” or “air quality” issues will never get better than, lets say Placquemines Parish, across the river from New Orleans, in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s (R) Louisiana on a good day.

    It is questionable just how “green” the Green Party “internationale” as been since half-American founder Petra Kelly and General Gert Bastian were found dead having been dead for three weeks, in “West Germany” a while back. In Europe it has drifted and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who leads Euro Green movement has baggage not only US-style neoconservative economics that seek to weaken social net programs in Europe but Polanski-level underage fondling issues that don’t play well in Peoria. Green, ecology, conservation, going back conservation means conserve, as in Conservative… follow the dots to the next manufactured, Civic Religion. If you read my HuffPo article you will note that Marina has close ties to the US based Assemblies of God. They are homophobic. She visited Washington where she got coaching from Capitol Hill god squad players. And like Walter Krankheit used to say… “that’s the way it is.”

  7. And just to follow up about “sustainability.” It skews much differently in Brazil, which has adapted the US model of using “sustainability” to make people pay more to finance it, look at it as “value added” in the economic model. Well, that doesn’t work in a nation like Brazil where there is economic growth and job creation but an economy where at the highest level, average annual per capita CIA factbook income is only one quarter of what working Americans earn. And they pay 44 percent annual credit card interest rates. So sustainability becomes a function of affordability.

  8. “So sustainability becomes a function of affordability.”

    What’s your point?

    That would should continue to ‘save’ our way to extinction?

    Waste our natural resources and plunder the planet until it’s all gone?

    Perhaps the Brazilian economy is correctly capturing the externalities that our markets ignore.

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