Tom Clements, SC Green for US Senate, to air radio ads

South Carolina Green Party US Senate candidate Tom Clements is raising money to air radio ads challenging incumbent Senator Jim DeMint:

Columbia, SC – This Saturday, as the Gamecocks challenge the top-ranked Alabama team on the football field, the Clements for Senate campaign will release a series of radio ads challenging incumbent Senator Jim DeMint and reminding voters that they do have a choice in the upcoming midterm elections.

The game will be broadcast at 3:30 on Columbia’s 107.5 FM Sports radio station and another set of ads will begin airing between 6 and 10 AM during the station’s Monday post-game show.

Radio Spot 1
Radio Spot 2
Radio Spot 3
Radio Spot 4

Clements’ ads will encourage South Carolinians “to vote against the extreme policies of Jim DeMint, “against discrimination and intolerance, and to vote for saving social security, medicare, unemployment, environmental protections, and our public education system. The ads will highlight DeMint’s “bullying’ and “extreme ideas,” and promote Clements as a “moderate candidate with reasonable policies and sensible solutions.”

We are running these ads to inform voters that they do have a good choice in this election, and that incumbent Senator DeMint has engaged in destructive political action and rhetoric that harm both South Carolina and the nation,” said Clements. “We urge voters who may normally vote a straight party ticket to go to this race and vote for me in the Senate race.” The SC Election Commission has confirmed to the Clements campaign that a voter can vote a straight party ticket but then make a different choice in individual races.

Despite the challenges of running against an incumbent with a much larger war chest, Clements has mounted a formidable grassroots campaign, powered by passionate and committed supporters and volunteers. Clements has been carrying his campaign across South Carolina and speaking before a host of groups, earning a supportive reception from those seeking an alternative to both DeMint and his Democratic opponent. The campaign’s first filing of quarterly donations will be filed next week with the FEC and released publicly.

DeMint has so far refused request by Clements to debate, causing Mr. Clements to ponder “Why is DeMint afraid to face the voters? Is he scared his radical agenda which has not helped South Carolinians will be exposed for what it is?”

Tom Clements stated via facebook that his campaign needs donations to get these ads on the air. You can donate to Tom Clements for Senate at his website.

Dave Schwab

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