WV Senate candidate calls Democrat, Republican rivals on support for mountaintop removal

Julie Eisenberg and Babette Hogan have posted an article on Alternet entitled “Appalachia Rising despite business as usual” that covers West Virginia Mountain Party US Senate candidate Jesse Johnson:

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin (D) launched a lawsuit Wednesday against the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over its regulation of the practice of Mountaintop Removal mining in the state and the EPA promptly punched back with a report from a surprise inspection uncovering safety violations of Massey Energy, one of the state’s most notorious and profitable coal companies…. His Republican opponent, John Raese (R), who has become flush with RNC campaign funds, called Manchin’s lawsuit a political move, meant to show the coal industry that Manchin is still their man, despite his party affiliation.

Third party candidate Jesse Johnson (Mtn. Party) sees this as political theater from both candidates. “Manchin’s always been for the coal industry just as Raese is,” Johnson said during an interview on Friday. “Its business as usual and politics as usual. It’s pretty obvious that both of my opponents stand for the coal operators and not the coal miners and their jobs and their communities.”

Read the full article at Alternet.

Dave Schwab

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