Green Party (US) Distances Party From Bogus “Draft Bloomberg” Press Conference

The Green Party issued the following “Alert” regarding the actions and activities of a man named Carey Campbell, who has no affiliation with the Green Party but presents himself as if he does. Campbell has been a frequent commenter on this website until being banned (again) last week. He was banned from GPW last year for impersonating candidates without their knowledge and lying about candidates’ backgrounds.

The press conference at the National Press Club on Thursday, Oct. 14, organized by a group calling itself “Independent Green Party of Virginia” (IGPV) is in no way sponsored by or connected with the Green Party of the United States.

The IGPV is not affiliated with the Green Party of the US. The legitimate state affiliate is the Green Party of Virginia.

There is no effort within the Green Party of the US, as far as we know, to encourage Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York to seek the Green nomination for President. The IGPV has every right to urge Mayor Bloomberg to run for President, but any claim of a Draft Bloomberg campaign within the Green Party of the US is false.

We advise Greens, the media, and the public not to associate the IGPV or its platform with the Green Party of the US or any affiliated state Green Party.

The IGPV was founded by Carey Campbell, who has been barred from participation in the Green Party in the District of Columbia and Virginia because of disruptive and dishonest behavior.

If anyone has questions, contact Scott McLarty, media coordinator for the Green Party of the United States, at mclarty@greens.org or 202-518-5624.

Ronald Hardy


  1. I am surprised and appalled. I feel this article is unfair, inaccurate, and just down-right mean spirited. I have worked with Carey Campbell for six years and find him to be an honorable person who supports Green Party tenants in spirit and in actions. The article reflects poorly upon the National Green Party!

    I attended the press conference: I was very impressed by the favorable use of the internet and excellent presentation of many candidates across the US and thier platforms. This press conference gave those candidates who participated more exposure in the public domain — a good thing for candidates.

    Carey Campbell and the Independent Greens of Virginia have placed far more candidates on the ballot in Virginia than the “officially recognized” Virginia Green Party. We have named ourselves Independent Greens and identified our affiliate as the Independence Party. Additionally, the Indy Greens have a tremendous impact on the political system and the political discussion and have moved “Green” issues forward in Virginia.

    I, myself, have been a IG candidate on the ballot for six years. I have had people unwittingly mis-state my qualifications more than once and certainly did not put out an “alert” to discredit the person who mis-stated.

    We tremendously regret this mean-spirited attitude toward Mr. Campbell and the Independent Greens of Virginia and we would welcome an opportunity to work together in harmony with the National Green Party toward common goals.

  2. Gail – Carey Campbell “tricked” a dozen or so GREEN PARTY candidates from around the nation to call in to his Draft Bloomberg press conference. I saw the emails he sent candidates, they were misleading.

    Your political organization is NOT affiliated with the Green Party, it is affiliated with either the “Independence Party” or the Constitution Party depending on whom you ask. If some little known Republican got a dozen Democratic candidates to call in to a Draft Huckabee press conference it would be written off as “Dirty Tricks”. So Mr. Campbell is, in effect, doing the same thing, engaging in “Dirty Tricks” to imply that the Green Party supports his obsession with Mayor Bloomberg.

    Mr. Campbell has, in fact, posted fake comments on this site pretending to be actual independent candidates, and he was called out on his lies by one of those candidates last year.

    So I do question Mr. Campbell’s “honor” that you put in high regard.

    As for your IG party’s “success” vis a vis the real Green Party of Virginia, that is irrelevant to the topic of Mr. Campbell’s hijinks.

    I wish you success with your campaigns, Gail, but see if you can get Mr. Campbell to stop impersonating Green Party leadership and to embrace the fact that he is NOT a member of the Green Party.

  3. Here is an interesting snippit of an exchange I picked up between the Indy Greens and a Green Party candidate:

    Indy Greens:

    The purpose is to introduce Independents and Green Party candidates across
    the nation, who would welcome a Bloomberg endorsement. Get the media to
    report on Independent candidates. Urge Bloomberg to join Green Party to
    create America’s third major party. We want to get Independents and Green
    Party candidates publicity.

    If you’d welcome an endorsement from Mayor Bloomberg, I’d like to talk with
    you on the phone live for a couple minutes during the press conference.

    Green Candidate:

    Excuse me but it is rich people who have fucked the planet and our nations political process up with their so-called leadership. They seem think money gives them some special knowledge or something but only gives them privilege and they cant see the forest for the trees, if they are even looking. They should invest in greens and green ideas instead of becoming opportunists who havent really got a clue as to what the problem really is. You all should be trying to get real greens elected instead of becoming green posers trying to exploit green for your own purposes. We need to democratize not further plutocratize. I do not want my name or the good name of green involved in this sham.

  4. @Ron thanks for posting the snippet that clearly shows no misrepresentation on Campbell’s part. It is obvious that the national leadership of the GPUS fears any progress that Campbell may make, despite his attempt as stated to “introduce independents and Green Party candidates” and get these candidates publicity. It is sad that these so-called green leaders are only in the game to protect their position. They do nothing to expand the party, or reach out to add new indies and resources that a Bloomberg affiliation could bring.

    Because Campbell succeeded in growing a more active “independent green” organization in Virginia than the one or two candidates posted by the national affiliate irritates the national leadership as this happens right across from their DC HQ. So they misrepresent Campbell as being dishonest when all involved in the NoVA group know the real results. Campbell’s coalition showed up with legitimate greens that voted him chair. The results were then voided by the state chair – the very same individual later convicted of fraud during the 2004 Nader petition drive. So they publish their convenient inaccurate version to discredit Campbell and the surging IGVA that has candidates on the ballot for congress, state house and a number of local races in every cycle. As one of those candidates, we have tried to reach out to forge positive relations and recruit candidates from the previous green apparatus in VA. But there are only about eight of them left from what I can tell.

    So predictions for 2012? Without merging indies and or bringing in a viable national figure to grow the party, the number of ballot lines will stay as is or even fall further.

  5. So are you trying to take over the green party or not? That is what I don’t understand. What is it you want?

  6. But why are you putting people like Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin on your ballot line for President? How does that jive with your desire to grow the Green Party? In fact it would seem contrary.

  7. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is traveling to China to lead an international committee on climate change this weekend.

    Last month during Climate Week, Bloomberg was elected to chair the C40 Climate Leadership Group. The group is an association of major cities around the world committed to reducing carbon emissions and slowing climate change.

    The mayor will chair meetings tomorrow and Saturday. He will also deliver a keynote address.

    During the trip, Bloomberg will head underground to get an up close look at Hong Kong’s subway system. On most days, the mayor takes New York’s subway to City Hall.


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