Green Party Candidate Rich Whitey???

Chicago Politics have never been considered “clean”, in fact Chicago is the poster child for “dirty politics”, tricks and schemes to affect the vote.

It was discovered earlier this week that on electronic voting machines throughout Chicago, the Green Party candidate for Governor’s name was misspelled. While “mistakes happen”, in this case it was misspelled RICH WHITEY. Although voters in Chicago will likely cast thousands of votes for ‘rich whiteys’, there is little doubt (in my mind) that this misspelling was an intentional effort to suppress votes for the Green Party candidate Rich Whitney in the single largest voting block in Illinois – Chicago.

Phil Huckelberry, Co-chair of the Green Party of Illinois will be at a press conference later today with the State Election Board to field questions regarding this “mistake”. The Press Release from the GPIL is below.


Green Party Chair Phil Huckelberry will be on hand at a Chicago Board of Elections press conference to take questions from the media regarding a spelling error with the city’s electronic voting machines. It was discovered earlier this week that the last name of Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney was spelled “Whitey” on electronic voting machines throughout the city.

“We have been a victim of election shenanigans in the past in Chicago, especially in the 2008 primary when voters were denied Green Party ballots throughout the city. We are looking forward to hearing how this problem was caused, and what solutions the Board of Elections has come up with to fix this, so all voters and candidates can be assured a fair election,” said Huckelberry.

The press conference will be held at the 69 W Washington, 8th Floor Conference Room, 3 p.m. (subject to change without notice). Huckelberry, along with Cook County Green Party Chair Alberto Bocanegra, and candidate for Treasurer Scott Summers, who is also an attorney, will be available during and after the press conference to take questions.

Patrick F Kelly
IL Green Party Media Coordinator

Phil Huckelberry
Illinois Green Party Chair

Alberto Bocanegra
Cook County Green Party Chair

Ronald Hardy

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  1. If the Chicago Dems did this on purpose they must be pretty desperate, that being said I noticed that there has been a fair amount of media coverage on this and maybe Whitney should try to take advantage of it.

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