New Mexico Green Party’s ballot access struggle documented

Marisa Demarco of The Alibi reports on the New Mexico Green Party’s struggle to put candidates on the ballot in the face of hostile opposition from the state:

New Mexico is the only state in the nation without an independent or third-party candidate in any statewide race—or for the U.S. House. “There’s no state with a worse record this year,” says Richard Winger, who edits Ballot Access News, a national publication based in San Francisco. He writes about independent candidates and third parties, and he keeps track of developing laws state by state….

Green Party member Alan Woodruff says he showed up at the Secretary of State’s Office with about 4,500 signatures on the day they were due in June, and that they were rejected. But Don Francisco Trujillo, the deputy secretary of state, says “Alan Woodruff never showed up with any signatures.” Instead, according to Trujillo, Woodruff brought only a letter saying he was the Green Party’s candidate in the race for Congress between Rep. Martin Heinrich and Jon Barela. For this story, Woodruff brought the signatures—on 400 pages—to the Alibi offices on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Read the full article at The Alibi.

Dave Schwab

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