Madison Capital Times: “Renew progressive tradition: Elect Ben Manski”

The Madison Capital Times has endorsed Wisconsin Green Party candidate for 77th District State Representative Ben Manski in an article entitled “Renew progressive tradition: Elect Ben Manski”:

Ben Manski first made a name for himself campaigning for economic and social justice causes as a student at West High School. He went on to organize University of Wisconsin students to demand adequate funding of higher education before emerging as a nationally recognized advocate for environmental causes. At the UW Law School, he developed a reputation as an innovative thinker on constitutional issues and developed a foundation dedicated to protecting liberties so that the promise of “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” is made real for all Americans.

Through it all, Manski has championed a vision of the American experiment rooted in a Wisconsin progressive understanding that, as Robert M. La Follette explained a century ago: “It is only as those of every generation who love democracy resist with all their might the encroachments of its enemies that the ideals of representative government can ever be nearly approximated.”

At a moment when democracy is as threatened as it was when La Follette joined the struggle, Manski understands that the fundamental principles of Wisconsin progressivism remain constant: Power must rest with citizens rather than special interests. And government’s role is to provide the tools citizens need to shape a fair and just society: great schools; civil liberties and civil rights; honest elections where ideas matter more than money; and protections for workers and communities so that they have control over their economic lives.

Manski’s record and his campaign in Assembly District 77 mark him as a young man who is ready not just to serve as an effective legislator but to take a lead in organizing the inside-outside coalitions that will be needed to defend public schools, maintain access to higher education, protect public services, and open a real debate about restoring a system of progressive taxation.

So it should come as no surprise that Manski has our endorsement as the best candidate to replace Spencer Black, a retiring Democrat who served as an independent progressive.

Read the full endorsement at the Madison Capital Times.

Dave Schwab

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