MA Democrats duck debates with Green challengers

The Berkshire Greens are calling foul on two Democratic state legislators for abruptly pulling out of debates with Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidates Scott Laugenour and Mark Miller:

The October 18 debates at BCC were called off for no-shows from the Democrat incumbent state rep candidates. The debate sponsors instead have scheduled interviews with the incumbents’ only opponents, conducted by the former debate moderator. Both Smitty Pignatelli (claiming miscommunication about debate date) and Chris Speranzo (for no stated reason) informed debate sponsors late Friday afternoon (Oct. 15) that they would not be debating at BCC tomorrow, Monday (Oct. 18).

Also on Friday, October 15, in the Berkshire Eagle, Clarence Fanto echoed Jonathan Levine’s earlier Pittsfield Gazette column denouncing Chris Speranzo for jockeying for two jobs at the same time. Speranzo has been interviewing (successfully) to be Central Berkshire District Court Clerk Magistrate although he is still on the ballot, running for state representative.

Is this the kind of behavior appropriate for democratically elected, taxpayer-funded representatives of the people?

Dave Schwab

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