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Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney was barred from participating in a League of Women Voters debate in Chicago Wednesday night, despite the fact that Whitney earned over 10% of the statewide vote in 2006, establishing the Green Party as a major party in Illinois. Whitney and a crowd of supporters protested the exclusion outside the debate venue. The previous night, Green Party US Senate candidate LeAlan Jones had also been excluded from the League of Women Voters’ debate. Watch Rich Whitney’s speech in this video from the protest:

Medill Reports published a video report from the protest.

In related news, Whitney will air ads on MSNBC and Comedy Central asking that he be included in debates:

Dave Schwab


  1. Latest Poll for the Illinois Governor’s race

    Brady 45%
    Quinn 37%
    SLC 6%
    Whitney 2%
    Other (Lex Green) 1%

  2. Bill Brady, Republican 44%
    Pat Quinn, Democrat 40%
    Scott Lee Cohen, Independent 4%
    Rich Whitney, Green Party 3%
    Lex Green, Libertarian 1%
    Undecided 8%

    different polling company but similar numbers

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