Online poll for MN Governor’s race uses instant runoff voting

FairVote is hosting a ranked-choice poll for Governor of Minnesota. The poll is a chance to see IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) applied in a race with several, third party candidates. The poll is at:


There are seven candidates on the ballot. In this exercise, voters may choose 6 candidates.

The candidates are:

Mark Dayton (Democratic Farmer Labor Party)
Tom Emmer (Republican Party)

Linda Eno  (Resource Party)
Farheen Hakeem (Green Party)
Tom Horner (Independence Party)
Ken Pentel (Ecology Democracy)
Chris Wright (Grassroots Party)

Thanks to Tom Cleland, a blogger and a supporter of Farheen Hakeem, for the tip on the FairVote poll.

Hat tip to Independent Political Report for this story.

Dave Schwab

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