Rich Whitney, Green for IL Gov, at 4% in new poll

Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney is at 4% in a new Fox News poll, according to Capital Fax Blog:

The poll of 1,000 likely voters taken October 23rd has Bill Brady leading Gov. Pat Quinn 44-39. Independent Scott Lee Cohen has 6 percent and Green Party nominee Rich Whitney has 4 percent.

If Whitney receives at least 5% of the vote, the Illinois Green Party will retain a place on the ballot as an established major party.

In other news, Greens are planning to protest a Chicago debate hosted by public TV station WTTW that excludes Whitney, who earned over 10% of the statewide vote in 2006.

Dave Schwab


  1. Sadly I think there is about a zero chance of Whitney getting into the last debate, I think at this point there is no way that Pat Quinn and the Illinois Dems would allow him to be there. I would be willing to bet that Pat Quinn would pull out of the debate all together.

  2. Brady and the republicans would probably do the same thing. I wonder where they called for this sample poll? Rich Whitney truly is the best choice for Illinois!
    I’ve been telling everyone I know, I see, and on every blog, VOTE GREEN! I even sent Scott Cohen a message asking him to join forces with Rich Whitney, but he never got back to me. If I had the time and the money, I’d do more. Maybe for the next election.
    However, this party must seek out corporations who believe in our platform and ask for their financial support. Without cash we cannot compete; and unfortunately most of us greens aren’t billionaires.
    We as a party need to find a wedge issue that will separate us from the pack. Bill Maher, like him or not, pointed this out last week on his show; he suggested the legalization of marijuana. We all know the benefits of ending prohibition, we’ve seen in our past.
    The focus doesn’t have be one’s ability to freely get high, but one that helps alleviate the continued bloating of the legal system. I know it might cost some jobs, but the money saved could be used to hire people in Dept. of children and family services, counselors for schools, and then maybe law enforcement could focus on true criminals instead of trying to create them.

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