The Advocate: The Audacity to Vote – Green

The chair of the Manhattan Green Party, Daniel W.K. Lee, has written a piece for The Advocate on why gay Americans should consider voting Green:

Now that the midterm election is upon us, the Democratic establishment has employed the fear tactic to get its progressives in line by saying, “If you don’t vote us back in, think of what the alternative will be.” And much like progressive Dems in general, GPDs — most notably the Human Rights Campaign — have resorted to shameless (or is it shameful?) apologies for the party and administration’s shortcomings by asking for more patience because “change takes time” and habitually failing to call out the administration and congressional Democrats’ poor progress on LGBT issues, or they have gotten vocally angry, but with no intention to not vote Democratic.

Read the full article “The Audacity to Vote – Green” at the Advocate.

Dave Schwab

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  1. I am glad that The Advocate ran this commentary. The queer community deserves more choices than just the Gop and the Dems.

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