Howie Hawkins, Green for NY Gov: Roping in the stock transfer tax

From New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins:

Few people know that gubernatorial Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins once worked on Wyoming Senator Clifford Hansen’s ranch. “Back then I was baling hay. Now we’re talking about bailing out the people. But the people of New York need to round up these state revenue rustlers on Wall Street!” thundered Hawkins, announcing a “Wall Street Rodeo” for Wednesday, October 27th at Bowling Green Park’s Charging Bull sculpture. Watch Howie and the NY Greens rope in the stock transfer tax:

Hawkins has used the 2010 election to raise awareness of the $16 billion dollars in Stock Transfer Tax revenue rebated back to Wall Street firms every year. “Cuomo and Paladino claim our budget is hog-tied, but if New York would just hold onto the money it’s already collecting, we’d have $7 billion dollars extra for a badly needed, Green New Deal jobs program.” Unemployment reaches 30% in communities across New York State, while underemployment tops out at 50%.

Hawkins also wants NYS to raise a further $10 billion by imposing a 50% bankers bonus tax on the largesse they award themselves after taxpayers spent a trillion dollars to bail them out.

“We’ve been giving away the ranch to the wealthy every year since 1981, when Governor Carey and Little Andy’s dad, Mario, started the rebate. Now the financial sector is high on the hog and the people are flat on their backs.”

The Greens say the “Cuomo-Dino” plan of cutting already-strained state services would be “flogging a dead horse”. They assert that a progressive tax structure in New York State would grant working people a tax cut while ensuring the rich pay a fair share.

More information, including the hot “Where Are The F-ing Jobs???” campaign spot athttp://www.howiehawkins.com

Dave Schwab

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