Western MA Green campaigns surging towards Election Day

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Scott Laugenour (Berk. 4th) and Mark Miller (Berk. 3rd)  have made unprecedented progress against entrenched incumbents in the state Legislature. Each is taking on an  opponent lacking any other opposition.

Community leaders, newspapers, radio hosts, and television personalities have not only publicly endorsed these two candidates, but have even taken yard signs and have decided to go Green!

Now Scott has received an endorsement from The Berkshire Record (10/28), noting in part that  “With Laugenour, southern Berkshire
County residents have a rare chance to make a real change in the
house… We need to send a message, not just to our representatives,
but to the entire Legislature.”

This is big. Not just for our party, but for all residents of
Massachusetts. Recent events in Berkshire County are an indication
that the game has shifted and that Berkshire County is ripe to send
the first Green-Rainbow Party delegates to the State House.  Sending
two is within our reach–but  only if you add your energy to ours!

So, with less than a week left as we mount one last push, we’re asking
each of you to  join us and our friends in the Berkshires over the
next few days for street stand-outs–no matter where in the
Commonwealth you live.

Scott and Mark will help with travel arrangements, lodging, and other
provisions and put you in touch with friends nearby in the Berkshires.

Here are the people to contact:

Third District (Mark Miller): Bob Harrison, info@markmiller2010.org,

Fourth District (Scott Laugenour): Jason Dennis,
jason@scottlaugenour.org, 413-728-5157.

Rick Purcell, Jill Stein, Scott Laugenour, & Mark Miller

And If you’re willing to hold one of our signs near a polling station
on Tuesday, please let Jason or Bob know what site you’ll be at and
what hours you can cover. We’re looking to blanket the districts, so
committing in advance really helps us plan. And, of course, that way
we can ensure you have a sign!

We’re especially looking for volunteers at certain high traffic sites
between 7 and 8 a.m. and 5 and 8 p.m. You can find your own polling
site HERE. Look to stand out at a busy site, and at prime voting

Finally, to show their appreciation for all you’ve done, Mark and
Scott are hosting a celebration the night of the election. Because,
win or lose–and make no mistake , they’re in to win!–what they’ve
accomplished together these months has already transformed the
political landscape in Berkshire County. So please join them on
Election Night after the polls close (we’ll let you know where in a
day or two!) in  commemorating what we’ve done, and to re-commit to
the work ahead!

Thanks again. Mark, Scott an their hardworking staff hope to see you


Nancy Lee Wood
Michael Horan
Green-Rainbow Party Co-Chairs

Dave Schwab

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