Rock Hill Herald Endorses Tom Clements (SC-Green)

The Rock Hill Herald has endorsed Tom Clements for US Senate over Jim DeMint.

Clements is the Green Party candidate, but has drawn growing support from Democrats following the collapse of Democratic candidate Alvin Greene.

From the Herald:

In the race for U.S. Senate, we endorse Green Party candidate Tom Clements.

Third-party candidates are playing a central role in a number of high-profile races this year, and in South Carolina’s Senate race, we think Clements deserves the attention of voters.

His appeal is bolstered by issues with the two other candidates running this year. Alvin Greene, as much of the nation is aware, was the surprise winner of the Democratic senatorial primary. His campaign can be dismissed as sadly inadequate.

Incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint is the prohibitive favorite in this race. But while he is popular with many voters, his extreme views go too far for a large segment of South Carolinians.

Ronald Hardy

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  1. This is Tom Clements here. It’s been an amazing race and my campaign has been the only effort challenging DeMint, who has not bothered to campaign in South Carolina and has been off in NV and DE dropping millions from his Senate conservatives PAC. Shame on the feckless Democrats for not even lifting a finger to confront DeMint’s dangerous agenda. That the national media has refused to mention my candidacy, include those “liberal” MSNBC and Comedy Central programs shows right where there national media is at. I have found there are tons of good-hearted folks around South Carolina who are looking for constructive solutions and are not letting those peddling fear, hate and negativism dictate to how they will live.

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