Western MA Green campaigns surging towards Election Day

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Scott Laugenour (Berk. 4th) and Mark Miller (Berk. 3rd)  have made unprecedented progress against entrenched incumbents in the state Legislature. Each is taking on an  opponent lacking any other opposition.

Community leaders, newspapers, radio hosts, and television personalities have not only publicly endorsed these two candidates, but have even taken yard signs and have decided to go Green!

Now Scott has received an endorsement from The Berkshire Record (10/28), noting in part that  “With Laugenour, southern Berkshire
County residents have a rare chance to make a real change in the
house… We need to send a message, not just to our representatives,
but to the entire Legislature.” Continue Reading


If you want real change, vote Green

Gary Ruskin has written a piece at Green Change entitled “If you want real change, vote Green”:

Ladies and gentlemen, the results are in.

Democrats in Washington have enjoyed a rare opportunity during the last two years. With control of the presidency and giant majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate, this was the Democrats’ best chance in more than 30 years to take charge and lead.

Let’s take stock of where they led us. Continue Reading


Giordano going for the upset in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Green Party candidate for 194th District State Representative Hugh Giordano, a union organizer from the Roxborough district of Philadelphia, has organized one of this year’s strongest Green state legislative campaigns and could score a Rocky Balboa-caliber upset against the city’s Democratic machine. Watch Giordano make his pitch for voter support to the Roxborough Review. Giordano’s final get-out-the-vote push is planned for this weekend, according to his facebook page. WHYY reports on the matchup between Democrat Pam DeLissio and Giordano:

DeLissio, the former CEO of Kearsley Retirement Community, has more than 30 years of business experience. She has some tough competition from 26-year-old Green Party candidate Hugh Giordano. The Roxborough native and union organizer said he plans to shake the system up by tackling public education, jobs, environmental policies and political corruption.

“Unfortunately, it’s broken up in Harrisburg,” said Giordano. “It’s full of big corporate money and I will not stand by and let lobbyists control politicians. They’re there to do a job and if they don’t do their job, then they should be thrown out. Continue Reading


Manski for Assembly news: TV ads, endorsements, final GOTV push

Wisconsin Green Party candidate for District 77 State Representative Ben Manski, who is running one of the strongest Green state legislative campaigns in the country, has earned the endorsements of a Madison Teaching Assistants’ union and the University of Wisconsin Daily Cardinal. Here’s Manski’s latest email to supporters:

It IS a good morning, in a very good week, and I want to share all the great news with you. Take a look, and then, please contribute to my campaign –we need to raise a final $5,500 to cover our Get Out The Vote costs– thank you: http://www.VoteManski.com/contribute

The week began with another important union endorsement. The members of the TAA –Teaching Assistants’ Association, AFT Local 3220– voted unanimously to endorse my campaign. The TAA has nearly 800 members in my district, and is now the third major union to back me in this race, joining Fire Fighters Local 311 and Madison Teachers, Inc.

A few days later, the TAA were joined by another stunning endorsement. Madison’s The Capital Times newspaper is urging voters to cast their ballots on my behalf, writing that, “Ben Manski has deep roots on the west side and in the progressive movement. The 77th District has an opportunity to make a powerful political statement by electing him; voters should seize it.” See: http://votemanski.com/capital-times-elect-ben-manski Continue Reading


Howie Hawkins, Green for NY Gov: Roping in the stock transfer tax

From New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins:

Few people know that gubernatorial Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins once worked on Wyoming Senator Clifford Hansen’s ranch. “Back then I was baling hay. Now we’re talking about bailing out the people. But the people of New York need to round up these state revenue rustlers on Wall Street!” thundered Hawkins, announcing a “Wall Street Rodeo” for Wednesday, October 27th at Bowling Green Park’s Charging Bull sculpture. Watch Howie and the NY Greens rope in the stock transfer tax:

Hawkins has used the 2010 election to raise awareness of the $16 billion dollars in Stock Transfer Tax revenue rebated back to Wall Street firms every year. “Cuomo and Paladino claim our budget is hog-tied, but if New York would just hold onto the money it’s already collecting, we’d have $7 billion dollars extra for a badly needed, Green New Deal jobs program.” Unemployment reaches 30% in communities across New York State, while underemployment tops out at 50%. Continue Reading


Maria Allwine for Governor of Maryland (Video)

Sent in by William, Maria Allwine is an activist with the “Maryland Coalition to Re-Regulate BGE.” It called a press conference on Oct. 27, 2010, in front of the office of the Public Service Commission, in Baltimore, MD. Over the years, Ms. Allwine has battled hard against any more rate hikes and for “a moratorium on any rate increases in BGE bills.” Ms. Allwine is also the Green Party’s candidate for governor in Maryland. At today’s event, she ripped into BGE; incumbent Governor Martin O’Malley, a Democrat; and also, the Republican candidate for governor, Robert Ehrlich.


The Advocate: The Audacity to Vote – Green

The chair of the Manhattan Green Party, Daniel W.K. Lee, has written a piece for The Advocate on why gay Americans should consider voting Green:

Now that the midterm election is upon us, the Democratic establishment has employed the fear tactic to get its progressives in line by saying, “If you don’t vote us back in, think of what the alternative will be.” And much like progressive Dems in general, GPDs — most notably the Human Rights Campaign — have resorted to shameless (or is it shameful?) apologies for the party and administration’s shortcomings by asking for more patience because “change takes time” and habitually failing to call out the administration and congressional Democrats’ poor progress on LGBT issues, or they have gotten vocally angry, but with no intention to not vote Democratic.

Read the full article “The Audacity to Vote – Green” at the Advocate.


Rich Whitney, Green for IL Gov, at 4% in new poll

Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney is at 4% in a new Fox News poll, according to Capital Fax Blog:

The poll of 1,000 likely voters taken October 23rd has Bill Brady leading Gov. Pat Quinn 44-39. Independent Scott Lee Cohen has 6 percent and Green Party nominee Rich Whitney has 4 percent.

If Whitney receives at least 5% of the vote, the Illinois Green Party will retain a place on the ballot as an established major party.

In other news, Greens are planning to protest a Chicago debate hosted by public TV station WTTW that excludes Whitney, who earned over 10% of the statewide vote in 2006.