Outgoing Democrat un-endorses Manski’s opponent

From Wisconsin Green Party candidate for 77th District State Representative Ben Manski:

I need your help right now. As reported last nightmy prospects for election to the Wisconsin State Assembly took a turn for the better when outgoing Representative Spencer Black rescinded his endorsement of my opponent. Black said, on the record, that my opponent has “a problem with trustworthiness.” I need you to dig deep and contribute right now: http://www.VoteManski.com/contribute

If the voters learn that Spencer Black –a man whose service and integrity they have long respected– is no longer supporting my opponent because he is untrustworthy . . . well, that will make all the difference. We have only 30 hours before the polls open. In that time, we must inform the voters that the mailings and advertising they are receiving from my opponent are false. That he has, once again, and in a more serious way, misled them.

We need $4100 to do that. We have $550 on hand. Please help us raise the remaining $3500 by contributing right now:http://www.VoteManski.com/contribute

Last week, we conducted our own poll of 1363 likely voters in the district. The average age of our respondents was 58. The population sample was made up entirely of “strong Democrats.” In other words, there were no independents and no voters under the age of 40 in our sample. Among these older strong Democrats, we were at 29% of the vote, with 25% undecided. In other words, if undecided voters among that population were to split their votes, as of last week we would have gotten 41% of the older Democratic vote.

Among younger voters, and independents, we expect to poll much better. We have a very strong campus presence, and many campus endorsements. There are over 12,000 qualified voters under the age of 40 in the district. Our projections, based on past voter turnout for this age group, have us winning an additional 3,000 votes from these younger voters. That puts us at between 43 and 46% of the projected total.

Given that there are four candidates in this race, and the conservatives are polling very poorly, we need 45 or 46% of the vote to win.

So, think of this. A week ago, we were neck and neck with my opponent. What will happen when voters discover that he has lied to them about his endorsements, and that his main calling card –that he had the support of Spencer Black– has been rescinded?

You can help us win. You can help me win. Please make a final contribution before election day — do it right now — so that we can pay for the printing and phone and radio expenses associated with our final push: http://www.VoteManski.com/contribute

Dave Schwab

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