Laura Wells, CA Green for Governor, to spend Election Day in court

November 2, 2010 in State Wide Elections

The Sacramento Bee reports on California Green Party gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells:

For most candidates, Election Day consists of attending last-minute rallies, posing for photo ops as they cast their ballot and waiting for the returns to come in. Not Laura Wells. The Green Party nominee for governor will spend the big day in court.

Wells was arrested Oct. 12 on a misdemeanor trespassing charge outside the debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman at San Rafael’s Dominican University. Wells, who was not invited to participate in the debate, says she had a ticket to watch the event live at the time of her arrest, but it was rejected.

Her arraignment is scheduled for 1 p.m. today at the Marin County courthouse.

Wells and attorney Matt Gonzalez, a San Francisco supervisor, will hold a 12:30 p.m. news conference at the courthouse to discuss her request for the district attorney to dismiss all charges and instead investigate why she was arrested.

They say more than 1,000 supporters have signed a petition calling the arrest a “violation of her civil rights.”

Wells, an Oakland-based financial systems consultant, said at a Sacramento event early last month that “the Titanic parties,” meaning Democrats and Republicans, were depressing voter turnout by offering people a narrow range of options.

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2 responses to Laura Wells, CA Green for Governor, to spend Election Day in court

  1. This is political harassment! It must NOT be tolerated in the slightest! Laura Wells had a ticket to that event; how could she possibly be “trespassing?”

    This is egregious! This is OUTRAGEOUS! This is what we expect in a FASCIST POLICE STATE! She should sue for the event to be repeated, and for funding to cover the costs of all repeat attendees, complete with press coverage, completely at the expense of the police who arrested her, just so that she can attend. She should sue for false arrest, and put the officers involved in jail. If this is not completed BEFORE the Nov. 2 election (and that has NOT happened), the suit must include a REPEAT ELECTION!


    Laura Wells’ rights as an American, a citizen and a candidate have been grossly violated, and whatever it takes to correct the situation, 100%, must be demanded, and must be delivered.

    Otherwise, rioting in the streets is PERFECTLY justified.

  2. The SC Election Commission reports heavy voter turnout at many precincts throughout the state this morning. Decision 2010 sctweets