Green Party 2010 election results for CT, DC, FL, HI

Here is the second installment of comprehensive election results from the November 2010 elections, covering Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Florida, and Hawaii:

Michael DeRosa, Secretary of State: 12,565 votes, 1.2%
Colin Bennet, Comptroller: 12,314 votes, 1.2%
Stephen Fournier, Attorney General: 27,803 votes, 2.7%
David Bue, Treasurer: 8,855 votes, 0.9%
Ken Krayeske, US House CT-1: 2,415 votes, 1.1%
Scott Deshefy, US House CT-2: 3,220 votes, 1.3%
Charlie Pillsbury, US House CT-3: 2,457 votes, 1.2%
Jason Ortiz, State Rep CT-54: No results yet
Nicholas Payne, State Rep CT-67: 1,366 votes, 20.3%
Ben Wojan, State Rep CT-84: No results yet
Rolf Maurer, State Rep CT-148: No results yet
Martha Kelly, State Senate CT-1: No results yet
No results yet for other state legislative and local races

Joyce Robinson-Paul, US House: 8825 votes, 7.7%
Rick Tingling-Clemmons, Delegate to US House: 4,119 votes, 3.4%
Faith, Mayor of DC: 1,341 votes, 1.1%
David Schwartzman, City Council At-Large: 11,799 votes, 6.8%
Nancy Shia, City Council Ward 1: 1,295 votes, 9.5%

Anita Stewart, Hillsborough Co. Soil and Water Conservation District: 80,140 votes, 37.8% ELECTED
No results yet for write-in congressional campaigns

Jim Brewer, US Senate: 7,755 votes, 2.1%

Dave Schwab


  1. So why is Ann C. Wilcox not listed, that ran for CHAIRMAN OF THE COUNCIL. She got 12055 votes which is about 10.20% in Washington DC election.

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